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“Social Distancing” has become the new norm especially with the coronavirus or Covid-19 on the loose. Unlike how dating apps used to function where people would match online and talk until they decide to meet up then leave the dating app alone, there could be a shift in dating schematics as people try to avoid meeting with new people or going outside in general. According to Social Media, people might be using these online dating platforms more!

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A possible change would be that people would most likely communicate more online or minimize dating and getting to know new strangers altogether. This could be a start of a whole different dating game where people would actually spend more time talking to each other.


How will Tinder, OkCupid, and other online dating platforms fare during this pandemic?

Before the pandemic, these online dating platforms were usually used only for the introductory process but then would switch to other forms of social media to continue the conversation as those other Social Medias are more convenient compared to the features offered on these online dating platforms.


If these online dating platforms could improve the features offered on their platforms, they might have a huge chance of replacing most Social Media platforms as a medium for interaction between people especially in the dating perspective.

Has the coronavirus or Covid-19 scared people away from dating in general?

Although there might be some people who are now too scared to date, dating and communication with a person you are attracted to is a human need that will later on resurface despite the pandemic. People would still need to talk to each other and communicate which could ensure that Tinder, OkCupid, and other dating platforms would not become obsolete.

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The need for human communication is still strong no matter the situation around us. Despite the ongoing pandemic, people would still need to talk to other people and possibly find a compatible partner. It may seem quite weird finding a partner during this pandemic but it might make for an interesting story.


The amount of dates would be limited which would then promote better communication online

Since people are trying to avoid getting to know each other in person, people would be forced to do most of the getting to know each other online which would promote healthy communication through online platforms itself. People would then meet up only after a period of time either when the virus has died down a little or when they are absolutely sure that the date would not be a waste of time.

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Tinder, OkCupid, and other online dating platforms should look into upgrading their features

In order to get people to spend more time in these online dating platforms, they would need to offer new and better features which would make the communication experience more enjoyable. These online dating platforms might not have much to worry about in this time of the coronavirus or Covid-19 since they are offering a better alternative compared to having to immediately meet in person.

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