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The trailer for “After the Altar” alludes to plenty of drama. At the end, Cameron said, “When we get the group together, it’s always a fun time,” to which his wife Lauren replied, “I hope so.”

Obviously, the biggest elephant in the room is the aforementioned love triangle with Mark, Jessica, and Barnett. In the trailer, Jessica admits, “Going through the experiment, I really kind of crashed and burned in front of the world.” When a producer asks Barnett what he thinks about seeing Jessica at the reunion, Barnett replies, “Next question.” Another clip shows Jessica tearfully saying, “He had been fooling me the entire time,” while a flashback to her wedding with Mark appears onscreen. (Is it still a wedding if no one actually gets married?)

Based on the sheer nature of the experiment, it is safe to say that we can expect more love triangles on Season 2, whenever it comes out. Maybe this time there will be two love triangles. Or even three!


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