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The University of Alabama has continued its reign as the most dominant force in college football. Alabama recently added another national championship to its list of plaudits, and they were anchored by Mac Jones, the team’s starting quarterback. Although Mac is currently a junior and will likely play another season, many football fans are already eager to learn more about him, including who his girlfriend is.  

Sophie Scott also posts regularly on Facebook.

In addition to her presence on Instagram and TikTok, Sophie also posts updates to her Facebook page. Judging from those, it seems that Sophie has a promising future ahead of her regardless of how her boyfriend’s pro football prospects pan out. Sophie announced in 2020 that she had been named a finalist for an internship in orthopedic clinical research at the Children’s Hospital Colorado in Aurora, Colo.

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That internship was ultimately canceled because of COVID-19, but it seems that Sophie’s interest in research and medicine are likely to propel her to a successful career. In a post announcing the cancellation of the internship, Sophie kept things in perspective. “I feel for all of the college students who are missing out on opportunities similar to mine, but I am grateful for my health at this time and looking forward to applying again next summer,” she wrote. 

Although Mac is definitely a prominent presence on Sophie’s Instagram feed, she is not the only person she photographs. In addition to going to football games, Sophie appears to enjoy modeling, spending time at the beach, and hanging out with girlfriends.

Mac may have helped Alabama finish their season with yet another championship, but he’s also found a girlfriend who has plenty of other things going on. They’re both still young, but the fact that they respect one another’s personal interests suggests that they’ve found a healthy way to balance their relationship. 

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