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Ning was matched with Mark Scrivens when she starred on Married At First Sight in 2019 and despite intimacy issues and frequent clashes, the two couldn’t make it work.

At the emotional final vows, Mark confessed that he couldn’t see their romance progressing whereas Ning was ready to give things a go in the real world.

The MAFS bride admitted afterwards that she’d been “blindsided once again by Mark” and that she felt “betrayed more than anything.”

“I’m just really disappointed because he’s kept me here for so long and this is what he’s done,” she said in a Diary Cam.

“I can’t wait to go home and hug my children and I never ever want them to see me cry ever again over a man because women should know their worth and they should know how special they are.”

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Despite making some friends and learning valuable lessons about herself, Ning told Hit90.9 Sea FM’s Heather, Dan & Ben that she would discourage anyone from applying for Married At First Sight.

“I would just say run, just run, don’t do it,” she told the radio hosts.

“Why do it? Come to my place instead and I’ll cook you a nice dinner and have a nice glass of wine.”

When she was then asked why she wouldn’t recommend the dating experiment, Ning explained: “You have to dig so deep in the experiment and who wants to be vulnerable? I can’t do it, you’ve got to be a little bit guarded.”

Channel Nine

Mark, 43, meanwhile has found love with The Block‘s Bianca Chatfield who he is currently living with in Melbourne.

The couple met by chatting on Instagram and would compare their reality TV experiences – the physically draining renovation show versus the emotionally draining dating show.

“I think my first message to him was ‘I can’t believe you did this show [MAFS],’” Bianca recalled in an exclusive chat with Who.

“It kind of came from a place of support and sharing the shows and then all of a sudden we’re going ‘This could work!’”

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