Mai Tai Dating invest in cutting edge technology to ensure online safety for daters


Mai Tai are reinventing the London dating scene. Yet as a new kid on the block…you may question how their online safety tech matches up?

By partnering with a UK based leading provider of verification and intelligent digital services, they intend to create a safer online dating community.

How it works?

The clever technology uses an application programming interface (API) to perform a basic identification verification check. This ensures that the most up-to-date trusted safety features are maximized.

When the users name and date of birth are captured during the registration process this information is validated against a wide range of quality, robust data sources. By integrating this intelligent technology into the website, Mai Tai can ensure they are delivering their brand promises by using real-time ID verification whilst offering a bespoke dating service.

Executive Dating

Many online dating companies rely on individuals disclosing accurate information, but this just leaves those sites wide open for abuse. During the planning stages of setting up Mai Tai Dating, the founder made a conscious decision to not only match the online safety features of current dating sites, but to exceed them too.

Other safety features include:

• Personal profiles – not visible to other members online.
• Instant messaging – limited to 24 hours once the date is booked.
• Online abuse – a fully integrated bad language filter prevents online abuse.



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