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Who would have thought we’d come to a time where we truly have to rely on the powers of social media and the internet to try and make personal connections?

Nevertheless, here we are.

While we are in a time of worldwide quarantine, I’m hoping to encourage many to feel confident utilizing dating apps to meet new love interests. In my opinion, many of the dating apps we’ve gotten used to like Tinder, for example, have turned into apps that cater to the “hook-up culture”—which I don’t fault the developers for at all—leaving very little room to want to get to know someone.

Many of the apps we have access to today force us to inadvertently choose potential mates based on their photo and a 160 character biography. Believe it or not, you can NOT learn a lot about a person by these things alone. Unfortunately, with such a shallow mindset of an approach, it makes it very easy to enter a potential relationship with more sexually driven purposes than romantically driven ones. This can make it even more difficult for someone to feel confident to shoot their shot with a person they’re interested in because they don’t “fit the bill” of the person swiping.

Luckily, Dwayne Forman Jr., owner and creator of the Shoot Your Shot dating app, has developed an app that focuses on a four-step process of shooting your shot: scouting, drafting, tryouts, and

cuffing. Forman says, “Whether professionally or personally, someone who decides to shoot their shot puts caution to the wind and goes for what they want. With this dating app, users can search through profiles and shoot their shot to find the ideal partner for them.”

I, for one, think the steps can truly make all the difference in selectin the right potential partner, so let’s take a deeper look at the 4 steps to shooting your shot, shall we?


Here’s where you get being shallow out of your system and just go for the things you like aesthetically. Whether you’re attracted to the guy with the six-pack and awesome tape line or the “nerdy” girl with a beautiful mind, here’s your chance to swipe on what pleases you—and rightfully so. Attraction matters in a working relationship, no matter what that attraction is. So when you’re scouting. Take your time. Look at their pictures, but don’t hold them for everything. Take it from the last few selfies your mom took alone, some folks just don’t know how to take the right picture. Really pay attention to their profile and the way they’ve thought out their bio. Look for things you like and when you find them, swipe with confidence. You’re well on your way to making a great connection.


Now that you’ve selected the people you’re interested in, it’s time to let them know you’ve “scouted” them. It’s time to shoot your shot dating app. When you reach out to the person or people you’ve scouted make sure you’ve thought about what you’re going to say to make them interested in your offer—in this case, that would be you. When coaches scout out new players they have to have a very strategic approach put in place to make sure their offer sounds more interesting than the next coach who will talk with them. This should be the same plan you have.

Step Three: TRYOUTS

I love this part. This is when you start initiating those first dates. Again, you have to really put some thought into meeting the person you’ve now gotten to know through words. You don’t have to spend every dollar to your name, but do your best to make the initial meeting memorable. First impressions are lasting as the old wise saying goes. You’ll be shocked at how many people love a nice date that includes ice cream, parks, a nice walk… the simple things, you know? It’s not rocket science, it just takes a little bit of planning.

Step Four: CUFFING

And last, but certainly not least, cuffing. It’s time to make the big decision on who you want to sign. THINK ABOUT IT! Take your time because by this point you should have more than enough reasons to back up your big decision and depending on how many people you had come to tryouts, you’ll want to make sure your decision is solid and one that you really want to make because you might have to explain it to the others who tried out!

So, there you have it! A big thank you to Dwayne Forman Jr. for creating this app and good luck on shooting your shot everyone!

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