Are you #making these #mistakes in your #Tinder #dating profile?


Finding love on online dating sites or apps like Tinder can be really difficult. There are certain things that you can do to up your chances of scoring a date and that can be something as simple as tweaking a line in your profile page. Here are a few dating profile mistakes that put people off and if you are making any of these, tweak your profile right now.

You post group pictures: It is not a good idea when you put a group profile picture with ten other friends. No one wants to try to pick you out from your girl gang. Also, make sure that you do not post a picture with your tongue sticking out in the profile while you are posing with hundred others. Here are 13 ways to select pictures for your Tinder profile that will get you more right swipes from women.

You brag about yourself: I would personally stay away from a gentleman who is posing with a supermodel in a jet ski. Why would he want a chance with me?

You are cryptic about past relationships: If you state things like ‘not into girls who play bitter games’ and ‘don’t like drama would only mean that you have not moved on from your past relationships. No one is going to work extra hard to prove themselves to you when you already think that she will make another bad girlfriend.

You try to be sarcastic: Do not try to be sarcastic as most would not even know that you are being sarcastic.

You leave your bio blank: We understand that drafting a profile can be tough but remember that you do not get to score a date till you do your work. Leaving your bio blank will only leave the person disinterested in you. Here are 7 things Indians look for on Tinder.

You write a basic statement: Just stating that you like to listen to music would not make you any different. You might rather want to be more specific and write that you like traditional music or classical music to find someone whose interests matches yours.