24 thoughts on “Man Allegedly Behind the Manti Te’o Dead Girlfriend Hoax

  1. John Rambo

    But he went along with it and lied that he met? her at a game and crap like that. The guy is a whacko!

  2. BuzzKila

    Why the fuck are they victimizing the victim??? Seriously WTF! The guy? got trolled, rickrolled and fell for it hook line and sinker, shit happens, the troll won so why the fuck would they harass the poor man who got fooled ?

    Everyone should be going after the troll not this poor fella

  3. mike green

    The media is using this as a smokescreen? to get everyone off the fact that Obama shifted the world into a new world order and schools across the country are under martial law after the supposed “Newtown Massacre” which never happened because there is insurmountable evidence that suggests Sandy Hook was a government scheme to pass the gun ban act.
    Then when you watch the tightly controlled media on the news it is all about scandals, lawsuits, and gun control. They should impeach obama for tyranny

  4. bulletproof2353

    fucking jews and thier fucking bullshit media distractions , just turn off the? fucking tela viv sion people

    and? stop patronizing their fucking jew corporations that sponsor it

  5. adamdavidwilson1

    I’m no legal expert, but the deception aspect of the? hoax could fall under invasion of privacy and using someone’s “likeness” for broadcast without consent. But I guess it’s all a matter on interpretation. The guys a fucking nutjob that’s for sure

  6. asdfghyh

    hold on…why would anybody give a fuck about someone? doing a prank???

  7. jhi66ins19

    I think your right! This senario makes more sence? than any thing else!

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  9. BeveledSpilchOnion

    His friend’s probably agreed to take the fall for a few dollars from Manti’s NFL contract. I actually? think it’s better if he is involved, otherwise he looks both stupendously gullible and cold-hearted.
    The Opie & Anthony ‘investigation’ into this (on youtube) is very funny and worth checking out.

  10. Jeremy C

    You’re not fooling anyone manti. You? conspired with this guy.

  11. MrDoublehappy

    Very desperate guy if he settles for? a cyber relationship …. That’s just weird … And he’s so gullible ….. Definitely sounding like he doesn’t really know his sexuality from his vagina

  12. sailorchica012

    i? hate how religion is brought into this… it gives bad names to christians.. and everyone assumes the worst about christians all because of one person’s mistake

  13. metalheadk93

    The incident has? nothing to do with religion. You are terrible at trolling.

  14. metalheadk93

    I also suggest? you look up the word “condescending” in a dictionary.

    You don’t decide what everyone else thinks is funny.

  15. ppitstop38

    I also? suggest you look up the word “humor” in a dictionary.

  16. ppitstop38


  17. metalheadk93

    I’d hate to burst your bubble? but this has nothing to do with religion.

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