Man, allegedly S’porean, mocks M’sian woman for rejecting him by sending her pics of his S$345,000 – Mothership.SG | #facebookdating | #tinder | #pof

One Malaysian lady recently went through a particularly intense experience while chatting with a guy she just met online.

Met on Facebook Dating

She had met the man, allegedly a Singaporean, on Facebook Dating after he matched with her on Oct. 19

Thereafter, they exchanged phone numbers, and continued chatting on WhatsApp.

According to Stomp, she said he was initially chatty, but it got to the point where she didn’t feel like sharing too much about herself so she “stopped for a while”.

That’s when, according to her, things started getting “weird and nasty”.

How it turned nasty

The lady shared a series of screenshots of their conversation showing how it all unraveled.

At about 5:16pm on Oct. 19, he said he wished her all the best and said he would not disturb her any more.

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He continued to dole out life advice to her, though, saying that “communication is important”.

As a “psychology major”, he also provided an analysis of her behaviour, saying that she had a lack of concentration and focus in finishing tasks.

He concluded by saying that it is unlikely that any man from Singapore would want to be with her.

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The lady explained that she didn’t think he would want to know about her day in detail, and wished him luck again.

At this point, the man appeared to to have lost it completely, saying, “f**k off Malaysian girl”.

He also dished out several insults, calling her a “bloody loser in life” with “nothing to offer”.

Photo via WOB

The lady took the barrage of insults in her stride, and responded only with “Haahhaa omg crazy person”.

The man, however, did not stop there.

He then proceeded to send a photo of a POSB Passbook Savings Account bank balance — presumably his own account, although this is not entirely clear.

In the screenshot, it also appears that he sent her a photo of a stack of cash.

Via WorldofBuzz

He added that she has missed out on someone who not only buys a watch using S$47,000 in cash, but is also “in a good position to provide (his) partner with a better future”.

Here’s  a close-up of the photo he sent, which shows an account balance of S$354,964.43.

Via WorldofBuzz

According to messages that the lady had apparently forwarded to someone else, here are some other things the men purportedly said:

Via WorldofBuzz
Via WorldofBuzz
Via WorldofBuzz


Top photo: All chat screenshots via WOB

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