Man catches wife cheating with drone

An American man says he caught his wife cheating with the help of a drone-mounted camera and has posted the footage — along with his subsequent breakdown — online for all to see.

The jilted husband, who goes under the name YAOG on YouTube, says he was tipped off in a phone call that his wife was being unfaithful, but after a couple of unsuccessful attempts following her by foot to her office, he decided to use a drone instead,reports Toronto Sun.

In the video, YAOG claims the woman in the aerial shot is his wife walking away from their house to get her hair done. Instead, she gets into another man’s car in a drug store parking lot.

Here she is taking her hair out. Great, make yourself look pretty for the guy you’re about to cheat on your husband with, right?” the man narrates. “Yup, make sure your hair’s all nice. Is she brushing her hair? I don’t know what she’s doing. She’s making sure her hair looks all nice for this c———.

“Watch. If you’re not paying attention you might miss it. Here it comes. There it goes! Boom, Eighteen years, gone! Eighteen f—ing years gone!”

A this point, YAOG’s voice raises to a scream.

“Eighteen f—ing years gone! Eighteen years and you just threw it away like that. We had a good marriage, I thought it was a pretty good marriage. Apparently not.

“Eighteen years. Well, f— you.”

There are some conflicting reports on the video’s authenticity, since YAOG has admitted in the past that he gets paid thousands of dollars in advertising money for his YouTube channels.


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