Man caught romance scamming his mother-in-law


A Jiangsu Province man was arrested for scamming his mother-in-law out of a small fortune in a romance scam.

Police in Yangzhou said the victim, surnamed Qin, was cheated out of 600,000 yuan ($86,900) in what she believed to be online romance with business owner Zhou Cheng (psudonym).

Instead she had flirting with Fan Gang (pseudonym), her very own son-in-law, local media reported Tuesday.

Qin said she first fell for Zhou on QQ last year, who described himself as a successful but married company owner in his fifties.

During the course of their relationship, Qin made numerous cash transfers to cover Zhou’s costly divorce proceedings.

The scam only came to light when Qin’s daughter accompanied her to the police station to file a report and recognized her husband’s chat account number.

Yangzhou police detained Fan two days after he was reported.

Police are still investigating the case.



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