Man #charged over #rape and human trafficking

Tboung Khmum Provincial Court yesterday charged a 55-year-old employment broker over the rape and trafficking of a 28-year-old Cambodian woman.

Major Bun Visal, an officer with the Provincial Anti-human Trafficking and Juvenile Protection Department, identified the accused as Chou Chamroeun, from Tboung Khmum district.

Maj Visal said that the accused faces up to 15 years in jail if convicted.

According to a police report, the accused was working for a Malaysian-owned labour recruitment agency in Cambodia last year.

The accused recruited Him Phinol to work as a house maid in Malaysia, Maj Visal noted, adding that travel expenses were paid on behalf of the victim.

Upon the victim’s arrival in Malaysia, the accused took her to his rented home and confiscated her documents.

“He brought the victim to his home and confiscated her passport,” Maj Chamroeun said. “He confined her and raped her, and when she refused to have sex, he would beat her.”

He said that after two months, the victim was finally employed as a maid at a home in Malaysia.

In May, the accused flew back to Cambodia in order to persuade the victim’s family to send their other two children to work in Malaysia.

The victim’s parents refused the offer as they had not heard from their daughter after she was flown overseas.

Last month, Ms Phinol finally called and told her parents about Mr Chamroeun.

The family then filed a report against Mr Chamroeun last week and requested authorities arrest him.

Mr Chamroeun was then arrested on Friday and is now in jail pending his trial.