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This man made a Twitter account dedicated to his match (Picture: Andrew Wang)

What’s the sweetest thing an online dating match has done for you? Oh, he helped you with tech problems? He had pizza delivered to your house?

But did he make a whole social media account dedicated to you though? No, that’s not creepy, it’s quite sweet… if you don’t think too much about it.

One man just couldn’t send his Tinder match pictures of his pasta (not a euphemism) on the app so he resorted to making a whole Twitter for her.

Andrew Wang wanted to impress his date Tilly and show off his culinary skills. So he created an account named Tortelinis for Tilly (alliteration, we stan).

The titular Tilly was impressed and shared Andrew’s six-tweet pasta-centric profile.

She wrote: ‘This sweet man ….. made a Twitter account to show me his pasta because you can’t send pictures on Tinder’.

Her tweet went viral, racking up 400,000 likes. The Twitter admins were also impressed, saying: ‘Rooting for you and Pasta Man’.

Of course, we had to catch up with Pasta Man, also known as Andrew, and why Tilly stood out for him.

Step one: ‘Acquire the dough. Establish rapport with the dough’ (Picture: Andrew Wang)

In a six-part thread, Andrew shared how to make tortellini – a ring-shaped pasta (sometimes called belly button because of their shape) usually stuffed with a mix of meat, cheese, egg, and nutmeg.

The first step, Andrew explains, is to ‘acquire the dough’. From there, he says, you have to ‘establish a rapport with the dough,’ then ‘betray the dough, build a “tortellini army,”’ and then ‘enjoy the fruits of your labor.’

‘Betray the dough, build a tortellini army’ (Picture: Andrew Wang)

The last, most important step, he adds, is ‘to win her heart’.

Andrew explained to how the whole thing came to be: ‘I made this account because you can’t send photos on Tinder for obvious reasons, but I prefer solicited noodles to unsolicited nudes.’

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We asked Andrew what motivated him to make the account. He said: ‘She just seemed like she had a good sense of humor, and I wanted to make her smile.’

Over on Tilly’s account, she asked people to follow her too as many in their droves rushed to follow Andrew.

‘Enjoy the fruits of your labour’ (Picture: Andrew Wang)

She wrote: ‘if ur gonna follow his account follow mine, damn, we a duo now’. So it’s safe to say they might be getting serious.

We asked Andrew to update us on their relationship. But they’re keeping schtum for now.

Probably busy eating tortellini.

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