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Tinder dates, helicopter picnics and taking rubbish to the tip: Queensland police hand out more than $800,000 in coronavirus fines in one day

  • Queensland police have issued 660 fines to rule breakers over the past week
  • State police can issue rule breakers with on-the-spot fines of $1,334 
  • Many residents were undeterred from leaving the house as 660 fines are given
  • Learn more about how to help people impacted by COVID

More than $800,000 worth of fines have been handed out to people blatantly ignoring coronavirus restrictions in Queensland.

Police officers have been enforcing social distancing laws in an attempt to curb the number of people infected with COVID-19.

While most obeyed advice by the federal government urging people to stay home, Queensland police have issued 660 fines to rule breakers.

State rules say that people who gather in groups of more than two or leave their homes for non-essential reasons, such as attending school, visiting a terminally ill relative or excising, risk on-the-spot fines of $1,334.

Despite the penalties, multitudes of residents remained undeterred from leaving the house.

People on the Gold Coast in Queensland flock to the beaches on April 11 regardless of stay home directives issued by the government 

Police question man and his fishing boat towed ton his family car at BP Service Station half way between Brisbane and the Gold Coast over the Easter weekend amid state-wide lockdown

A wealthy businessman was fined twice last week after he was allegedly caught picnicking on a beach on Moreton Island – a luxury holiday destination off the Queensland south coast.

Days later, police found him on the same beach with his helicopter, where he was fined a total of $2,668.

‘The fellow with a helicopter who thought it would be OK to fly to an area against the requirements of the directions, not only once but twice,’ Deputy Commissioner Steve Gollschewski said on Monday.

‘So on both occasions actions have been taken … that’s not on.’

A 27-year-old man from Cairns, in the state’s far north, was also fined after driving one hour to Port Douglas for a Tinder date.

‘The dinner date proved costly, with the man not only springing for the takeaway meal, but also for a $1,334 fine,’ police said. 

Another six people were fined in Port Douglas on Friday after a group was caught drinking at the Mowbray River.

A Queensland Policeman is pictured moving people on from the beach at Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast, Friday April 10, amid nation-wide lockdowns


New South Wales: 3,009

Victoria: 1,351

Queensland: 1,033

Western Australia: 550

South Australia: 438

Tasmania: 214

Australian Capital Territory: 106

Northern Territory: 28



DEAD: 89

Several people were also fined for taking rubbish to Willawong tip, south of Brisbane.

Dumping rubbish was not deemed an essential trip, even though the tip remains open to the public.

Anna Carter, from NSW, also appeared in the Brisbane Magistrates Court last week after she was caught twice breaking quarantine.

The 45-year-old arrived in Brisbane via train and was ordered to spend two weeks in the Ibis Hotel at Brisbane Airport.

She left the hotel the first time to find a Band-Aid for a blister on her foot, then a second time because the hotel didn’t provide fresh towels each day.

After spending one night in the watchhouse, a magistrate fined her $2,000.

It comes as the nation was warned against going on holidays over the Easter weekend.

Of the 76,000 vehicles police intercepted on the state border, 1,457 were turned around amid travel restrictions.

Officers also described the amount of verbal abuse received from rule breakers as ‘disappointing’.

Queensland has now recorded 983 cases of the deadly virus.

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