Man posts Tinder pictures surrounded by toilet paper to impress dates | #tinder | #pof

Is this sexy, or have we just been alone for too long? (Picture: Jameson MacInnis/SWNS)

What is the key thing you’re looking for in a date right now? Good looks? A sense of humour? Kindness? Or a healthy supply of loo roll?

One man is hoping it’s the latter, and has updated his Tinder profile with pictures of himself surrounded by towers of toilet paper in the hopes of getting a date during the coronavirus lockdown.

Jameson MacInnis even stripped down to his boxers in one suggestive snap, covering his modesty with his sought-after rolls.

The IT worker, from Connecticut, USA, said he took the pictures to make people laugh during this tough time, but sadly he hasn’t had any luck with the ladies yet.

‘Honestly I just want to make people laugh,’ said the 40-year-old. ‘I hope someone just looks at them.

‘Ironically I haven’t matched with anyone on Tinder so people clearly don’t know a good thing when they see it.’

He does have some normal pictures too (Picture: Jameson MacInnis / SWNS)

Jameson began swiping on the dating app because he was so bored during self isolation.

‘I am working from home and I live alone and I was bored out of my mind, as many people are.

‘I was looking through Tinder and my pictures were old and, out of the corner of my eye, I saw my toilet paper stash.’

He set up his phone on a stand and posed for the funny pictures by lounging on his bed surrounded by the stacks of toilet paper.

He appears to be naked in one image, covering his modesty with loo roll – but he insists it’s just a case of clever product placement.

‘I’m technically wearing boxers in that picture but you can’t see them,’ says Jameson.

Weirdly, Jameson hasn’t had any luck getting a date so far (Picture: Jameson MacInnis /SWNS)

He pointed out that he bought the toilet paper before the pandemic triggered panic buying and he had not actually been stockpiling the household essential.

‘I always have loads of toilet paper because I do subscribe and save on Amazon,’ he explains.

‘I probably have about 50 rolls of toilet paper. I’m super prepared.

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‘I also have a bidet – if the toilet paper doesn’t bring the girls to the yard, maybe my bidet will.’

Jameson, who also hosts a podcast called the Gen X Guide To The Universe, said that although he was swiping on Tinder, he would not meet up in person with a date right now due to social distancing guidelines.

‘I’m courting from the internet,’ he says. ‘I absolutely would consider going on a video date – I would even dress up from the waist up.’

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