Man Reveals How He Remained HIV Negative Even After Dating HIV+ Boyfriend For Over 4.5 Years | #facebookdating | #tinder | #pof


For many years, HIV and AIDS have created a rift in relationships. Many people believe they need to stay away from the people diagnosed with the condition. And this, by no means, seems fair to the victims of these viruses.

And let’s be honest; the entire mindset of people against these victims is embarrassing. But, you can’t change or fix this kind of belief unless you speak out about it. Besides, it’s even better when people bring their own experiences and stories out in the open.

HIV and AIDS are sexually transmitted diseases without any permanent cure

Nowadays, technology and the medical field has made incredible progress. Moreover, the success rate of PrEP (Pre-exposure prophylaxis) gets even better study after study. Along with the success of the fact has t people who are HIV, undetectable cannot pass on the virus. Well, we know what your thinking. It’s easy to put this all down and just read it. However, it still gets hard to believe.

But it gets genuine when viewers can see actual and valid real-life examples. Recently, Ralphie Brown took to his Facebook account to share an eye-opening and real post. In the Facebook post, he opens up about the journey he and his partner, Eric Grant Jr., went through. Ralphie honestly revealed that while he tested HIV negative, his partner Eric has been HIV positive for a while.

But what’s shocking and heart-touching is that the two have had a steady and healthy relationship for years. To be exact, four and a half years. That’s quite a lot. Regardless, those two made sure to stay educated about the virus. And thanks to that, till today, Ralph remains HIV negative.

Eric regularly, without fail, takes his medicines to prevent spreading the virus to Ralphie

Brown let out these facts in his Facebook post caption alongside a picture of the couple. He started by saying that Eric is HIV+. However, he always takes his medicines and is undetectable. He also added that the two partners in his care while educating themselves on how to be safe. So that they can have peace of mind about their relationship. “4.5 years later, we are still a serodiscordant couple”, he revealed.

This is heart-warming and so beautiful to know. We hope the Ralphie and Brown continue to have such a healthy and precious relationship. Besides, other couples should also take some notes!

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