Man says bogus Black professor Jessica Krug was ‘Tinder date from hell’ | #tinder | #pof

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“I feared she was ready to fistfight me if challenged any of her views. I would have liked some physical action – but not that kind.”

According to Pazn, Krug described herself as a dancer and historian living in ‘El Barrio’ in her Tinder profile.

Pazn became cautious after Krug began saying “some pretty wild things,” but relaxed after randomly passing her on the street and saw how attractive she was.

When deciding on where to meet, Krug reportedly nixed any “gentrifier spots,” telling Pazn that she wouldn’t deal with “stupid nasal voices talking about how edgy our hoods are.”

The two eventually settled for a walk in Fort Tyron Park, which is located in the Hudson Heights neighbourhood in upper Manhattan.

The dating app Tinder is shown on a mobile phone in this picture illustration taken September 1, 2020. Photo by AKHTAR SOOMRO /REUTERS

During the meetup, Pazn told the Daily Mail that while Krug “looked good,” there was “something off about her demeanour though, she didn’t smile much, she wasn’t very tactile.”

The conversation then turned to politics, which Krug apparently pressed Pazn for a strong opinion about. The man tried to switch the topic to salsa dancing, but Krug wasn’t having it, turning things back to politics while talking about an encounter she had with a white guy at an event where she almost started a fight with him.

“It became pretty clear she wanted me to criticize white people,” said Pazn.

As their discussion continued, Krug talked about working at a college where she didn’t trust her white colleagues. The woman then talked about subjects such as the history of world colonization.

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