Man sets up dating scam to get his iPhone back!

Now, to a very satisfying story, a payback in the digital age. It’s about a guy whose iphone got stolen. He turned into a virtual vigilante, setting up a sting operation with an online dating site.

What happened next is hilarious. Tanya rivero is here. Reporter: This is a do not try this at home story of stolen iphone retrieval.

The police told this guy he was taking too big a risk, setting up a meeting with the thief. But in the end, it was the thief who got the surprise of his life. This man used some steamy lines to lure a thief into his trap, like this one.

Hey, I’m here and out of the shower. It started on new year’s eve when he left iphone 4 on the cab. The next morning, he saw someone trolling for dates.

He was using my okcupid account. So, he created a phony female profile, with a cleveland-bearing photo from the web. I was talking to a girl, is adding winky face emoticons.

Reporter: The thief took the bait. You wanna meet? Yeah, I kind of do.

Will you kiss me? He coyly responded, well, i don’t have a boyfriend. They made a plan to meet up at his apartment for a date.

I followed him up the stairs. He turns around. And basically, I confront him right here.

And I put the $20 in his hand to diffuse the situation as fast as possible. But I had a hammer in my hand, just in case. Reporter: The thief handed over the phone, took the money and ran.

He smelled like cologne. And had a bottle of wine in his hand. Reporter: He got the phone back.

But the thief kept the wine and the cash, making usder if the punishment fit the crime. There’s no hard feelings. As the thief ran out of the building, he called out to him, you smell nice.

What a character. He thinks that was his cab driver. Reporter: He does.

But he doesn’t have any proof. I see. There’s a lesson carry $20 and a hammer.

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