Manti Te’o 2012 Heisman Candidate(IA – Go The Distance Theme Song)


Manti Te’o’s Highlight film for his race for the Heisman Award Theme Song: IA feat. Sheila Marie – Go The Distance Download Link: **video produced by Collin Gallagher **All footage owned by Second Wind Creative for Fighting Irish Digital Media See the original “Go The Distance” music video:


24 thoughts on “Manti Te’o 2012 Heisman Candidate(IA – Go The Distance Theme Song)

  1. LAFD54


  2. Cheehoo9

    @d4liife..hows your boyfriend?..haha..dont hate bitch..LOOK MANTI FUCK HELLA GIRLS..DO YOU THINK HE? DONT FUCK..YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME..BITCH..HATER..


  3. abfabinri

    If folks? can forgive Mitt Romney for his outrageous and prolific lying then surely we can forgive Manti for? his, if that is the case.

  4. d4liife

    ESPN is a fuckin joke…ANY 10 year old can tell this guy Teo is FULL OF SHIT !?

  5. d4liife

    LIAR and DRUG CHEAT (hgh, steroids,insulin)NOTRE SHAME
    and like Marion Jones are now the “victim”…get lost
    The “school” stands behind the Lies of Teo but refuses to investigate the rape of? Lizzy Seeburg? and another woman, by one? of its football? players…I know linebackers bring more money to the school than rape victims……Im sure Jesus? understands

  6. fatu6613

    heisman candidate,? all american and still has to make up a girlfriend

  7. sjdss

    THE SEC once? again has embarrassed the north! why are your sons so slow witted and slow footed?!

  8. arkzgame

    No? fkn respect media should get the facts b4 saying shit and as for him not being heisman status tell me who you seen get 102 tackles and 8 interceptions this year.

  9. arkzgame

    Dumb shit he aint fkn gay its the fkn media spreading shit about when he lost his grandmother and girlfriend in the? same day and looked towards his teamates for comfort

  10. George Hoffman

    It still blows my mind that Manti Te’o openly admitted to homosexual? relations with other? players just recently.

  11. xNovALegiit

    @lingocowboy if LSU is so good why did they loose to Alabama 21-0 last year? Also who? has the most championships? Nd yea so if u say manti isn’t heisman material u are a faggot and deserves to die.

  12. LingoCowboy

    Im sick of the media kissing NDs ass. If manti teo was? really amazing why did they almost loose to pitt. If the worst linebacker in the NCAA went to ND he would get nominated for heisman. Manti teo isnt bad but i dont think he is heisman material. If you play for ND you get these magic points. Not to mention ND has a 90% bandwagoner fan base. Either way if you r a ND fan dont listen to this iust watch how eddie lacey and aj mccaronn will fuck up te’o and ND. LSU is still the best.GEAUX tigers.

  13. BAbivaJr

    Eddy Lacy, this is the MAN who will eat? your black ass up ALL NIGHT in South Beach boy you bettah be ready!!!

  14. BAbivaJr

    @George Hoffman fuck you? hater!!! You probably a bitch ass homo who wishes you could have Manti like that you faaken queer!!!

  15. George Hoffman

    It still blows my mind that Manti Te’o openly admitted to homosexual relations with other? players? just recently.

  16. thebettingedge

    What about Klein? he’s got the most spectacular performance, rushing 103 yards and throwing for 184 yards….. Let’s check this video to stay even more? clear about this topic.

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