24 thoughts on “Manti Te’o 2012 Highlights ??

  1. bregolas7

    interceptions against? michigan shouldnt be counted. everyone does that…

  2. drazza94

    With the 23rd pick in the 2013 NFL Draft, The Minnesota Vikings select? Manti Te’o Linebacker Notre Dame

  3. BuddieBiker

    Teo’s problem isn’t with his play penetration, it’s with his girlfriend penetration! Kinda gives the term laptop a whole new meaning! ? 3-5, 3-5, 3-5… GO IRISH!!!

  4. jliuatl

    And more than half weren’t. On the ones that were, those were still? pretty good plays.

  5. lulumariemissypu

    I met someone like Te’o in highschool…..she called me one day to call her job and? fake a bomb threat so she could have a break-we never spoke again. Wacky!

  6. FidelKaastra

    About half of these are just normal tackles. Just? a guy got 5 or 6 yards, or caught the ball for that gain, and he tackled them. Nothing special. Good job on the tackle, and being great I guess…

  7. Mirren81

    how is his fantasy girlfriend?

    what a loon he has been proved to be, a? sick loon


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  9. steve goings

    Most overly hyped LB ever. He plays behind one of the best Dlines in football.?

  10. MexicanSoldier5150

    Players who are good but have off the? field issues sometimes drop down like Warren Sapp, he should of been a top 5 pick but fell to the Bucs because he failed a drug test

  11. BlueCapix

    THe end of the first round? He is like one of the first five picks? in the mock draft, How would a heisman candidate be picked at the END of the first round?

  12. yoonababyify

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  13. Mercennariorum

    Zeke Motta shared half of? Te’o’s highlights

  14. XZOXR1xPUAMVe5

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  15. DuzzOne33

    LOL to anyone who thinks he falls past the top? 10. Dude is a stud LB. If I was Manti I’d be like, y’all don’t believe me?? Fuck y’all then. Haha

  16. sikesy7

    Manti’s teammates don’t even respect him they called him out as attention seeking… This whole fake online gf thing is suspect… either he’s a? liar or he’s too stupid to be dating a fake gf for 3 years who he never met… either way I’ve lost respect for him

  17. MexicanSoldier5150

    Manti Te’o is probably gonna fall towards the end of the 1st round, if he does then Seattle should take him cuz they need another linebacker to team wit Bobby Wagner and KJ Wright, or maybe the Vikings since they could use some depth at Linebacker, or maybe even the Ravens, with Ray Lewis retiring and? Terrell Suggs starting to get older they could use a young Linebacker

  18. vicarious014

    This guy played like shit? in the National Championship and also believes in imaginary girlfriends. I hope he fails in the NFL

  19. 1993Vass

    The Superbowl Champion Baltimore? Ravens with the 32nd pick in the draft the Ravens draft Manti Te,o !

  20. calldamon

    Where are the highlights? That’s it for the whole season? I suppose the latest buzz that means nothing will be his career highlight as he is very average for his position,? and yet 40X better than myself.

  21. fearmanbearpig

    I think? it’s trying to communicate. What should we do?

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