Manti Te’o and his FAKE GIRLFRIEND – The Guyism Speed Round for 1/17


In today’s Guyism Speed Round, Katie Nolan tries to make sense of yesterday’s bombshell Manti Te’o story, gives career advice to Britney Spears, and more! If you haven’t laughed yet, here’s your bonus vid: For more Katie Nolan and Guyism, check out: Send Katie questions for Viewer Email Friday at Katie [at] Guyism [dot] com!


24 thoughts on “Manti Te’o and his FAKE GIRLFRIEND – The Guyism Speed Round for 1/17

  1. Lam Duong

    mantie is a fucking loser… fake girlfriends.. haha. man fuckin loser tie.?

  2. MsTiger6969

    My eyes rollled back into my head…………best joke?

  3. tone norville

    jokes are ok…but i can see? you going somewhere

  4. mythriftychic

    Loved the Sex and the City reference! Could you please come to Hollywood and kill Whitney Cummings for her job? You’d be soooo much better at it than she.

    P.S. Tobin below me… sounds like a massive douche who lives with his? mom.

  5. Tobin Bybee

    You should be a top? youtuber cause your tits are nice.

  6. emboling

    I think he made up a gf bc all these girls wanted to date him but he didnt want to date them bc he is gay?

  7. Spencer Jackson

    I know what Teo is going through (not) because I alway lie? & tell ppl the Katie is my gf. 🙂


  8. chowner

    Can you source his parent’s saying they meet her? The only place I’ve heard any of this is from deadspin and it’s ballooned, but no one can back it. It’s all about the bashing and no checking yourself. Not saying he didn’t lie, but you aren’t any better spreading what I can only assume are rumors? in the spirit of hate.

  9. lutzrock11

    Staying with psycho…zing! lol i’m a? sucker for puns, too. And that nfl blr has had me laughing the last couple days! “The vet said, ‘Dude,’ he said, ‘your cat’s just pregnant.’ I said, ‘OK, so I won’t go and kick her.'”

  10. meganegrissom

    No fucks and the horse stuff… Very? funny, well done! I see some rude comments below. Fuck off trolls….

  11. moscatomica

    Don’t worry, we got the “no fucks joke!”? Good Speed Round.

  12. SmartFool24

    So he never met her family or visited her? grave? I like Manti but WTF???

  13. TheFirstNeuron

    Kriss Kross really? Does this mean we? should expect Vanilla Ice to come back? too?

  14. Tywan harrell

    I think the “no fucks”? joke was the best to.

  15. Rooster Suzuki

    Dude, what kind? of world do we live in where football players (Notre Dame football players no less) have to pretend they have girlfriends? Sad…

  16. TehBunnyWuv

    I laughed so hard at? the Horse Burger… but, I’m giving it to the, “no fucks given” joke!!


    I saved? a bunch of money by stayin with psychoe

  18. wowboi69

    ugh so that speech lance gave vince vaughn at the end of dodgeball to motivate him to? go win the tournament was complete bullshit!

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