Manti Te’o- Brain Fart report on CNN


Reporter has serious brain fart trying to talk on live tv


24 thoughts on “Manti Te’o- Brain Fart report on CNN

  1. Klingstermatrikaz

    If only someone could invent a? way to digitize video directly from the source! What a revolution such a marvelous device would be!

  2. masty9

    This story is getting tired but this might be the greatest thing to? come out of it. Fucking hilarious. Koblin!

  3. Bonesgotnext

    I’ve did this in a job interview when I? was young lol

  4. dustyb58

    Congrats? on quoting a movie to try and tell someone else they are unoriginal and incoherent. Seriously, bravo. Oh, and might I add, wonderful job on creating a profile simply to quote a movie. Wow. I salute your supreme intelligence and candor here.

  5. LockHaven

    How anyone can believe this dunce is beyond me. ? He can’t put two sentences together. The evidence is that Te’o knew the other guy? Thumbs up for the video and thumbs down for this incompetent reporter and their incomplete story.

  6. westva5

    First I’m not a “computer chair investigator”, that would be the Notre Dame hired investigators who were limited to only electronic searches. Also, Te’o originally told ND on Dec. 6 that he found out that it was a hoax but two? days later during the Heisman presentatation, he talked about his girlfriend dying. So was he lying on Dec 6 or in the interview last Friday?

  7. Amberly Maston

    According to his interview with Jeremy Schaap, he didn’t even know it was a hoax until after the story broke. I wish people would stop trying to be computer chair investigators. We don’t know Te’o, we don’t know the truth, and obviously news sources can’t get their story straight? either. Te’o’s explanation is the most simple and most plausible, but people still feel the need to indulge in conspiracy theories. Instead of bashing him, why don’t we realize how tough this situation must be for him!

  8. Tony2581

    Can you get me that guy’s phon?e? number? I want to hire him as my PR man at a Fortune 500 company involved with national security issues.

  9. Daniel Cohen

    This interview reminds me of the Ellis? Lanksder interview for the bills, just hard to watch. Koblin clearly isnt suited for TV and probably regrets going on there just as much as I regret using my real name for my Youtube account.

  10. westva5

    First, how were the writers “reckless” in writing the article. Secondly, why are you still defending him when? he stilled lied about his dead girlfriend even though he knew about the hoax?

  11. Brooks Riggins

    Wow, this guy should never be allowed in front of a camera again.

  12. TimDuncanofSoccer

    Personally I think Te’o’s story is one of the most credibility-straining narratives I’ve ever heard. It’s hard for me to believe someone can be so naive in one breath and so savvy in the next. I don’t think Deadspin had the entire story when they went to press. I also? think we’re foisting ridiculous expectations on them when they were the only people even remotely close to getting this story right. They could have been better. It’s sure good that they were just good enough when no one else was.

  13. TimDuncanofSoccer

    Look, I’m just trying to give the journalists that broke the story the benefit of the doubt. It’s funny how we’re giving sports media and Te’o a slight benefit of the doubt for whiffing on? Lennay’s EXISTENCE but people are going after Deadspin (not perfect by any means) for reporting a source’s estimate. God, have you ever read sports media NBA coverage at the deadline? It’s a hundred times worse than that “WE CAN’T PROVE AND AREN’T SURE ABOUT” standard which seems like a total fiction.

  14. cauchamar

    Off the hook for what? Do I get to? go online and call you names and attack you every time YOU lie to your parents about a relationship? Get a fucking life.

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