25 thoughts on “Manti Te’o Breaks His Silence

  1. elijah79924

    Haha… What’s the Big deal? The whole school rallied behind a guy that cared so much for his “girlfriend” that was dying. Undoibtably the was in the back of the mind of the committee. He used? this to get publicity and sympathy.

  2. Fore Saken

    what did we learn about Manti?


  3. Michael R.

    He didnt use it for his advantage. People are quick to assume that. His grandmother already died. isnt that enough to propel through the rest of? the season?

  4. Michael R.

    Heisman Trophy is about ability and skills. We all make lies whats? the big deal

  5. Michael R.

    Manti Teo? owned Katie. and she tried to have come out as a liar..

  6. atlasonescorpio10

    He’s dumb and gullible, but after hearing him speak, you can tell? he’s being genuine and truthful.

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  8. dean clang

    I must be missing? something here……Would somebody please tell me why this is news? Really..I need to know.

  9. jack dobrozsi

    This? matters because it effects his opportunities in the NFL draft

  10. agamalu onosai

    Its sad because both families have been affected by all this, parents who love there sons are hurt and ashamed of what has happen, one son has been a victim of a mean and cruel hoax while the other has to deal with the conquences of his actions from his parents and families and the media is the worst of it all because they blow everything out of portion. Prayers for both of the? families and what there all going through. For only he who created us can only be the JUDGE.

  11. JesterEXW

    @gabeh1107 this has nothing to do with his skill on the football field. They are questioning his integrity in regards to whether or bit he lied to utilize a situation in which pity would improve his chances of winning the Heisman. I am too unfamiliar with what happened to make an? educated assessment, but your comment had no logical link to the situation at hand.

  12. TRIPY Ay

    Who the. Fuck cares about this shit god damn he? lied let it the fuck go already.

  13. tanksniperjoe

    This story is good for everyone involed, expect for the audience, who is forced to listen to? this and other mindless dribbles over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over…..

  14. o3qbg6mlbtnv

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  15. gabeh1107

    Prove all the haters wrong Manti……..i think you are a? good football player……..i bet if all the people that hate on you were to step on the football field and play on a college level football team they couldn’t do any better

  16. Fredo Santana

    i can guarantee that you would not? say that to his face

  17. Augusto de Arruda Botelho

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