26 thoughts on “Manti Te’o college highlights

  1. manuhamoa

    faitau atu e le taua si alii lea lona pito Samoa na’o le mea na fanau ai? Ia leai se? mea e popole ai, tele tama taaalo Samoa loo fiafia latou pito Samoa. Samoa mo Samoa

  2. TheNickyboy225

    manti teo is a complete all around nice guy. he would never say anything bad about samoans. but lets just drop it he knows what he is and we ar arguing over a guy who isnt? here to defend himself. and i cant wait to visit hawaii this summer Aloha

  3. Clutch671Nastii

    ive got a whole selve tattooed, the old traditional way back home in Western Samoa. But alright so i understand now your big on heritage and roots sorry bro, i just thought you wouldnt understand.

    But the way your wrote everything makes is seem as if he just pisses on us samoans like were not even worth mentioning. Idk if hes hawaiian or? not but im 100% sure hes samoan.

  4. TheNickyboy225

    i never said he was like that he never says anything about being samoan he only talks about hawiian there for im pretty sure he is hawiian. and watch out with that not so big on culture stuff man. ur talkin to an irish american born in new york with the irish and american flag together tattoed? on my right arm with the notre dame leprachon tattooed on my left Irish nation boy watchout

  5. Clutch671Nastii

    sorta yeah if he doesnt wanna honor his heritage and roots then wtf does he stand for? Hes just another person, Obviously your not so big on culture or? anything because you dont understand where im coming from, I dont really mean fuck him i just mean its hurtful and a disgrace that he doesnt honor or claim to be Samoan, But anyways my point has been proven he is Samoan whether he likes it or not nuff said. Laters

  6. TheNickyboy225

    so ur in the family or friends? with the family but ur saying fuck him?

  7. Clutch671Nastii

    I know there two different places, But he is of Samoan decent which makes him samoan if he doesnt wanna honor that then fuck him. But just? look at him your telling me he looks more hawaiian than samoan ? look at the hair and facial features he looks exactly like his cousin ( which i grew up with and is my cousin and is close family)

  8. TheNickyboy225

    there is a difference. and its not becouse he was raised its becouse he was born. he claims hawaii all the time he never says samoan i live in? south bend and see him all the time ive stoped and talked to him he only talks about hawaii he doesnt say samoa thos are two different places

  9. Clutch671Nastii

    He Samoan you retard, Just because he was raised on Hawaiia doesnt make him a hawaiian.
    Samoans and Hawaiians are basically the same breed, differnt names. I? am Samoan i know what im talking about. Your just some palagi i bet.

  10. TheNickyboy225

    he isnt samoan he is Hawaiian there is a difference.? samoans are born on the island of samoa and hawaiians are born on the island of hawaii

  11. Tcsmith369

    Well there ARE moves to? be made, I guess I’ll have to just wait and see .
    GO Broncos!

  12. NFLization

    lol, don’t? they have a winning record… yeah maybe.

  13. NFLization

    Him and DeMarcus Ware on each side? I wouldn’t even want to consider playing QB for the opposing team.?

  14. NFLization

    ehhh sorry. Great teams can’t always have great prospects to go with? them. Sorry but Broncos won’t get anybody special in the draft.

  15. Clutch671Nastii

    Naww? im sorry boys he’s not a “freak of nature” he’s a Samoan! hehe

    Keep it up UCE cheeeehoo!!!!!!!

  16. Mike Dunlap

    guy is a freak, but terrible choice of music? bro

  17. ManicMonkey84

    Let’s build a top 50 reasons why Te’o should win the Heisman.

    I’ll get us started….
    1. He plays for ND.
    2. He loves his mommy.
    3. His tribal tattoos look pretty cool.
    4. He’s an Eagle Scout (happens to be true)
    5. He is fond of elderly people and dogs.
    6. He’s? hardly ever late for class.
    7. He drives a Prius.
    8. He’s a strict vegan.
    9 .He once bowled a 188.
    10. He really really wants to win the award. Like a whole lot.

  18. Augusto de Arruda Botelho

    Hey just wanted to give you a brief heads up and
    let you know a few of the images aren’t loading properly.
    I’m not sure why but I think its a linking issue.

    I’ve tried it in two different browsers and both show the same

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