24 thoughts on “Manti Te’O Fake Girlfriend Hoax Interview With Katie Couric FULL INTERVIEW OF NOTRE DAME LINEBACKER

  1. seanmike07

    I’m curious as to why Katie thinks a 21 year old introverted college kid like Manti should have had the same reaction a 56 year old extrovert like herself would have when finding out what he did. Because Manti and you are like? twins right, Katie? Why wouldn’t you think alike? The real story of this whole ordeal is the failure of journalism.

  2. Jeff Anthony

    I’m fascinated by this story,? but I have no interest in college football so I haven’t been affected by the coverage of his real grandmother and alleged girlfriend. Isn’t he really such a good player that he led his team to the BCS, thereby affirming him as one of the best defensive players in the country? It’s the Heisman voters who are responsible for putting too much weight on what’s going on off the field. Ball don’t lie, and if he’s? really worth all this attention, he’ll produce in the NFL.

  3. tomsckay7point0

    She didn’t put the hard questions to him, like: You said you were suspicious from? the beginning. Then your talking to a black box. Then she asks for your account# (which you say you didn’t give her). Then she doesn’t show up in Hawaii. A normal person would have dropped it after any one of these things. After all three? Especially being supposedly suspicion from the start? He’s lying.

  4. 34OPe

    This doesn’t change my oppinon of Te’o in the least… hey innocent until proven guilty right?? and so far I havn’t heard anything? that would suggest he was the mastermind behind it all… still a Manti fan..

  5. OldHickory7

    I think you might be right. And for Manti’s sake I hope so. After being duped like this in front of the nation and world but then for her to not even be a woman, whoa. Bigger than that is that then the only story is that “she didn’t even really die” instead of what it is now “she didn’t even exist” which is why this is a headliner? or much of a story at all!

  6. OldHickory7

    he was Catfish’d and that’s it.? he did nothing wrong. the? only thing he “could” have done wrong is the case of saying you briefly met. and somethings are too complicated or embarrassing, and also in order to give a more accurate description of reality, saying you briefly met is actually more honest than not. to him they met on skype/FT (“screen never able to function, she said”), constant talking, as well as to the family and friends. he’s a 21 year old victim. he should only be supported.

  7. autonomicus

    The? voice at 24:490 is obviously Diane O’Meara. Just listen to her voice in her interviews in other YouTube videos and you’ll see that it’s the same voice, 95% probability. She was more involved than she is admitting to. That is not a man talking.

  8. wessville1

    this lady is stupid!! EFF OFF TO ALL YOU HATERS!! all of you that are saying manti is lying are IDIOTS!! bet most of you were cheering for him during? the season!! HATING ON MANTI DOESN’T CHANGE THE FACT THAT HE IS A GOOD FOOTBALL PLAYER AND IS GOING TO BE MAKING MONEY IN THE PROS.. SO KEEP HATIN! AND KEEP YOUR HEAD UP USO!! EFF THE HATERS! DO YOU!

  9. 69gary69able

    I think he maybe behind this GF hoax. Cause after the story breaks, he blow-up. Making paper from interviews. Lets face it. Football star could have any woman in their school? or any rival school. I flirt with women online evryday but have not fell in love head over heels with anyone yet. But if this making his career better, then all means proceed with it.

  10. msmithstud

    so what if he lied or if it was? a hoax. ? I’m sure as hell not going to lose a night’s sleep over it

  11. McGillicutty88

    I was just trying to figure out how bad someones life must suck before they start worrying about another persons mishap to make them feel better about themselves. The guy didn’t commit any crime. Worry about yourself.. pretty sure none of this affected you? in anyway.

  12. S955US84

    You’re watching in IRELAND and you’re commenting on the comments.

    If we’re so pathetic, what does that make you? as his unpaid apologist?

  13. McGillicutty88

    We live is a country full of hippies like you with a waste of a president and you people are worried about this air head bitch interview with? teo. If this happened to anyone else nobody would care. How pitiful are your lives if you’re all caught up in this. This guy will making millions in the league while you’re commenting on youtube videos. The dude is obviously a good enough man to go through all these worthless interviews for some reason..anyone else would say fuck off and this would be over

  14. SECFootballForEver

    He will force him to tell the truth. Stephen will make this boy cry!!!!? Worth seeing.


    I wanna see Stephen A? interview him so bad!!!! LMAO

  16. getreadytotube

    You are right? – she is a [c-word]! I like how she plays Monday morning quarterback (at 30:15) and basically says that this would have never happened to her – Pathetic.

  17. getreadytotube

    This story is bizarre, but I just don’t understand why this is front page news. Aren’t there still soldiers dying in Afghanistan or something? For what it’s worth, I believe this guy because some people are dumb enough. Couric seemed to step into him hard, but I guess that is because she (and the rest of mainstream)? was out-done by DeadSpin. I Also like how Couric plays Monday morning quarterback (at 30:15) and basically says that this would have never happened to her – Pathetic.

  18. Marlonerocks

    Dude was just to embarrased to say he had an online chick, he probably watched “DON JUAN DE MARCO” with Marlon Brando/Johnny Depp.
    Dont judge him like he did the worst thing in world.
    1. he is young
    2. he probably never had a gf in his life
    3. kept away from ND’s real get down and dirty parties
    4. he definately has an? inflatable kate upton doll

  19. mountainbroski

    This guy has to be lying… If its a 2 hour drive from LA to San Diego why didn’t he just do that?? He knew it could be all a hoax and just wanted the media attention.. Sad

  20. gmomey121

    Are you people stupid or what. The Guy? told him it was a hoax. I believe him.

  21. dragonboy718

    katie, everyone isnt as? brilliant as you, give the kid a break….

  22. Mr7eleven223

    I can’t believe that the people who dont believe this guy isn’t forgiving him. I mean holy shit it’s so plain and obvious that he’s a confused, immature dude. Which meant he was super easy to trick and use mind games on him. He’s obviously innocent. I feel sorry for the? dude. But he needs get to get smarter in life for the future.

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