Manti Te’o Gets Catfished, Or Did He?


Manti T’eo might or might not have been in one of the biggest and most bizarre publicity hoaxes in modern sports. David Brickley discusses on STNTV. SUBSCRIBE: TALENT: David Brickley: EDIT: Troy Cruz: STNTV Social: Twitter: Facebook:


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4 thoughts on “Manti Te’o Gets Catfished, Or Did He?

  1. ATL ATL

    yes he did hes a sociopath like you and has taken many? hits to the forehead meeting people online is crazy what the fuck are you talking about theres no hott girls online there all little boys with singing voices

  2. TheCesardanny1

    Well? its rather sad actually
    Whether she was real or not real
    And he had lost his grandmother also so that means his emotions were real but whether he was playing for his grandmother in those game or for his dead gf
    We just don’t know.

  3. ShaneFM

    It’s pronounced “Tay-O”, not “Tee-O”

    Do you know how many people have relationships online before meeting? Like real true relationships? A lot of people won’t admit to it, but the percentages are overwhelming. So to call him “Crazy” would be extreme.

    And think about the timeline everyone, the man lost his Grandmother 6 hours before being told his GF died. So what your implying is during his emotional state of losing his Grandmother 6 hours previously, he concocted this elaborate story??

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