Manti Te’o Girlfriend Did Not Exist

Manti Te’o’s Girlfriend a Hoax. Manti Teo’s Fake Girlfriend. Notre Dame says a story about Manti Te’o’s girlfriend dying, which he said inspired him to play better as he helped the Fighting Irish get to the Discover BCS National Championship game, turned out to be a hoax apparently perpetrated against the linebacker. The university issued a news release Wednesday after reported it could find no record of Lennay Kekua existing. The university says Notre Dame coaches were informed by Te’o and his parents on Dec. 26 that Te’o had been the victim of what appeared to be a hoax. Someone using a fictitious name “apparently ingratiated herself” with Te’o, the school said, then conspired with others to lead him to believe she had died of leukemia. The university said “the proper authorities” are investigating a “very cruel deception.” On Sept. 12, Te’o learned his 72-year-old grandmother, Annette Santiago, had died. Te’o said he was told just six hours later that Kekua had lost her battle with leukemia. Pictures of Lennay Kekua. Facebook.

25 thoughts on “Manti Te’o Girlfriend Did Not Exist

  1. brianmarin6031

    This guy is stupid, y would he like a.girl online and never meet? her, he should be ashamed of.himself

  2. blackopsdude2

    Fuck you and go to hell. It’s not funny…. It’s sad how he tried to hold it in. Buts? it so amazing how such a Homo Sexual can do so well in football. A lot better than you bitch.

  3. MissMonkeyMeg13

    Why? do you guys comment on this video just to disrespect him? It doesn’t make sense. Why can’t you guys just give him respect? Nobody knows but him if he was involved in this. Nobody may ever know. Just give him the respect he deserves. Please. Thank you.

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  6. Guy Fawkes

    Sports Illustrated called him a? liar, plain and simple.
    Even after he ‘found out’ it was all a hoax, he continually went on tv and cried about his ‘girlfriend’s’ supposed death, just to stir up sympathy for himself and for media coverage.
    He never went to the funeral, never met her, never called her family after her ‘funeral’ never sent flowers…to the love of his life??
    His team mates now admit he knew all along.
    He is shamed.
    To save his ass

  7. RaceIsOpen

    In other news, Penn State Jr……namely Notre? Dame’s Linebacker…..blah, blah,….

  8. MrAcrouch3

    Why would ND risk their reputation defending him if there wasn’t proof he was? duped? They wouldn’t… He was duped.

  9. griffinsky666

    You got ronaiahs name in your mouth like it’s a Dick.get off his nutts motherfuckers talk about him being gay when your looking up his? videos.haaa your in denial bitches!

  10. Jefgg

    Ronaiah Tuiasosopo is THE BLOWIN’ SAMOAN.? Or is he just the Lyin’ Hawaiin?

  11. SHAWN24MSJ

    I don’t know what was embarrassing? having an imaginary girlfriend or how he played against Alabama

  12. GrlwBigSmile

    either this dude is crazy as hell or he is a sociopath? looking for an opportunity with media

  13. Zyphera

    Oh come on, can’t? you see? It’s just a PR stunt.

  14. ajaykeer23939

    Wow I hope they get the person who pretended to be his gf and? prosecute him or her….. Online need to delete phony accounts and follow by ip address and registered name will always appear….

  15. redseasIX

    And y’all ain’t even know Te’o had an imaginary girlfriend and was a? virgin till he turned 21, and now……ROLL TIDE!!!!!!!!

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