25 thoughts on “Manti Te’o Girlfriend Hoax Explained in Notre Dame Linebacker’s Own Words

  1. SOXSTER805


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  3. amofaga

    life of a star uso, is why they cant mind there own business, fai lou olaga uso, Sa Luv ?

  4. anasianperson1

    I? don’t believe it, he’s clearly lying because if it was real, he would be crying like crazy on tv.


    Hmmm. Well he is a? terrific player so as long as he doesn’t do something stupid again, I wouldn’t care.

  6. recalcitrist1

    Teo? is an idiot-savant…..without the ‘savant’ part. He expects us to believe that he had nothing to do with the hoax, but didn’t visit his ‘girlfriend’ in the hospital, go to? her funeral or visit her grave?

  7. kevin hernandez

    @DeadEdDavila? I wish more people could see the truth about liars but they’re either biased or in denial while those liars you mentioned (and I agree with you) get to live the good life for the rest of their lives BECAUSE of the lies they tell. Tsk tsk

  8. M4xw3ll19

    depends? on the team and the fans, it is hard to say, and if he goes to the giants will you care?

  9. vitC4life

    u got the gays wanted him to come out when this guy is just too green and gullible. lmao… he? told a white lie cuz he didn’t want ppl to think he was nuts for dating a chick he never meant. good lord ppl, get a life!

  10. HunteristhenameXIV

    Yes he lied, but he had to. I mean you know how the media blows up and perpetuates stories like this, I mean look at it now. You wouldn’t want this kind of attention leading up to the national championship, but I guess it didn’t matter because he had a terrible game anyways, but he probably would have had a much worser game.

    Least he’s telling his side of the story, what people really wanted to hear. Give him? a break! it’s not his fault he’s so opening.

  11. DeadEdDavila

    It’s only Tuesday, and I’ve learned a LOT from liars this week —

    LANCE ARMSTRONG: I didn’t use performance-enhancing drugs.

    MANTI TE’O: My girlfriend died.

    BARACK OBAMA: We don’t have a spending problem and I don’t want to take your guns away.

    One of these three is not? like the other…..its the one who can take EVERYTHING from you!

  12. mzrockstar2u

    Manti – Te’o is an idiot. i dislike that lying POS. I hate ND.
    The media sucks ass.?

  13. rodeopac

    Is Schaap taking crazy pills? He just said he lied and? misled people? WTF is wrong with some of these journalists??

  14. rodeopac

    Seriously Thamel & Wojo need to sit the next few plays out ~ They both graduated Magna Cum Laud from the journalistic school of? the obvious

  15. Shanti Toga

    and you dont think for a second you sin too…what a bastard.. what about Armstrong..do you know him….doped..NFL is not even close to being a World Wide sport and yall make a big deal out of it unlike Armstrong his a World Wide Pro Cyclist and lied his ass off infront of the whole world and you people dont even say shit about him, yet you judge some one because of their? color and ethnicity you dumb asshole

  16. Shanti Toga

    coconut? & nigger what the fuck are you on about you racist ass cracker…

  17. Fore Saken



    the stalker who cums in his rectum and slits his throat will be a HERO to the nation!!!

    and if he’s lucky, he MIGHT get a reacharound!!! he can actually get something out of the relationship BESIDES BEATING OFF!!!!!

  18. Kuu Lee

    It just shows how ignorant you are…Samoans are not of the black race, and how dare you use ? offensive language …learn the difference you lolo… Geezzzz

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