Manti Te’o Hoax: The Mark Zuckerberg Connection (Dan on Fire)


In an emergency Dan on Fire following the breaking Manti Te’o news, SB Nation’s Dan Rubenstein goes a step further than the LAMEstream media to figure out who’s behind the Manti Te’o hoax. Get ready for REAL answers.


11 thoughts on “Manti Te’o Hoax: The Mark Zuckerberg Connection (Dan on Fire)

  1. kingofmosaics

    Te’0 is gay thats why he created a fake girlfriend. Let me tell you something. Te’0 had a birlfriend just like? tebow was a quarterback. God bye tebow welcome crazy insane te0

  2. Thelite8

    I’m going to need a “Best of Dan on Fire” In podcast form. Also, Mike Francesca sounded almost exactly like this? when the Te’o story broke.

  3. dplee11

    I didn’t know Jim Rome and Glen Beck had a love child. Keep fighting for the truth Dan!?

  4. Jeff George

    Incredible. I love that Tom Hanks? is not a friend of #DoF

  5. phiznak

    If you’re not as? good as Sasha Cohen you don’t belong in parody.

  6. quickaskzoey123

    don’t know how you? did this one without laughing, well done

  7. TheM4gNation

    I want a new one every day. I love these,? so much.

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