Manti Te’o learned football, life lessons in La’ie

Football analysts and fans of the sport spend a lot of time focusing on the things that make Punahou graduate and Notre Dame linebacker Manti Teo’s great, but there is one man on Oahu’s North Shore who sees things a little differently. Click here for full story:

12 thoughts on “Manti Te’o learned football, life lessons in La’ie

  1. Greenvegan828

    I agree 100 percent. How can AMERICA be that dumb? I wish he would have had the interview with Oprah. I think she would have farted in the room to make him confess. This is what she did with Lance. I also read that Katie was? not distracting enough. Next time, she should have put a sock in her pants and put an adams apple under her chin. This may have triggered a confession.

  2. Greenvegan828

    OVERRATED! Did you see the videos on? this slug? He thinks he is ENTITLED to play for the fighting and drunk Irish. It is just sickening. The Manti Gay-o story is just another sad sports story. I expect the powers that be to make a movie of this guy. Look for Martin Short or that homo, Niles from Frasier, to play the lead. I feel sad for the team that drafts this nut. Good luck in 2014!

  3. Greenvegan828

    Did anyone watch the championship game? This guy was AWFUL! I wonder if he will drop to the Canadian Bills. This team is pure cancer. Like Notre Dame, most of the men look and sound like women. I can see why he was confused. It seems that most notre shame women drink and out eat most men plus they have more hair under their pits than most cave men. I feel sorry for this guy because he should have gone to USC or Miami instead. He probably ran across a TG student which is why he is? confused.

  4. Zurin Arctus

    A Thank You to the Great people of the State of Hawaii for giving us on the mainland Manti? T’eo….Mahalo Forever!

  5. MrWicked61671

    God bless the Irish! Te’o is a legend. They? don’t come as classy as young Manti. Destined for greatness from a young age. If Manti doesn’t win the Heisman then, he better lead the Irish to a National Championship.

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