23 thoughts on “Manti Te’o Oklahoma Interception

  1. IamykcirT

    destroyed? ya you won by 17 but it was tied halfway through the 4th and was still a touchdown game until about 3 min left. you beat them and it? was a good win but you certainly did not destroy them.

  2. juxier

    there are COUNTLESS times this year when Alabama defenders intercepted the ball but because the ball? TOUCHED THE GRASS the play was ruled an incomplete pass… Te’o catches an obvious grass ball and the refs and announcers play stupid and act like he caught the ball legally hahahahahhahahahah ….BAMA’s gonna RAPE THE IRISH !!! ROLL TIDE ROLL !!!!!!

  3. Mac Gardner

    You arrogant ND boys remind me of why I used to HATE Notre Dame. I? was really surprised after the game that the ND coach said nothing complimentary about OU. I truly believe that if this game were replayed 10 times, OU would win the majority of them. This was one of Landry’s worst games all year, not a horrible game, just not as sharp as he usually was and often he made bad throws when he wasn’t being pressured. OU made 3 or 4 mistakes and ND played an absolutely PERFECT game-won’t happen often.

  4. Mac Gardner

    What a stinkin call. Te’o didn’t catch the ball, the point hit the? ground, then he lost control while he was rolling with it, after the ND defender interfered with the OU receiver before the ball arrived. I think this was with about 5 minutes left in the game, when OU was moving to take the lead, and the score was tied 13-13. Notre Dame did NOT destroy OU. This game was tight till the last couple of minutes, I was just beginning to like ND, but obnoxious fans changed my mind agian, SCREW EM

  5. Roanld White

    I hope my Lions can finish this disapointing year by goin either 6-10 or 5-11 and the worst they can go is 4-12, but I think more than likely they will finish at 5-11, and hopefully we get the 7th or the 8th pick to draft this dude, they always take the best player avaliale? in the draft, and Manti Te’o should be a no brainer for the Lions if he’s there at 7th or 8th, he would be the Ray Lewis of the future, no flaws in his game and great leadership and he’ll take that role whenever we cut KVB

  6. nataskaos

    “pathetic” or not, we’re still undefeated. We still beat Oklahoma in Norman. Excuse me; Destroyed Oklahoma in Norman.?

  7. soccer22champ

    0:24 shows the nose of the ball in contact with the ground, then he precedes to bobble? it.

  8. soccer22champ

    I’m not saying it was a TD or not, but when has a defense ever just? stopped finishing the tackle when the guy is still driving, whether the whistles blows or not?

  9. soccer22champ

    Well, OU is 20th in the nation in total defense, and 9th in passing defense, so yes, we do play defense. Stopping the run has been OU’s achilles hill. Still absolutely baffled how that pathetic thing ND calls an? offense was able to score 17 in the 4th though. OU deserved to lose for sure once that happened.

  10. nataskaos

    people always say this in college. how come ND’s defense, the 2nd best? in the nation, don’t get credit for stopping OK’s offense? Because that is what happened.

  11. nataskaos

    pretty clear interception. You know how OK could have negated this play? Not letting us hang 31 points on you. I? know the “Big 12” isn’t used to playing defense, but you should give it a try sometime.

  12. bkearn55

    all of you oklahoma fans are so butthurt about this lose, ND beat you just suck it up and admit it already,? and im sick of people saying the same shit about the stanford game too, the notredame defense thought he was down and the whistles blew, they wouldnt of let him in the endzone if they didnt think it was over

  13. LilCW11

    Pretty sure OU beat themselves. OU was eating up notre dames defense on that first drive. Then that over snap killed the momentum and set the? tone for the rest of the game. Landry Jones was rattled after that busted snap. Heisman Landry started the game then pussy Landry finished it.

  14. brendon henderson

    Personally I think Manti Te’o should? have a better chance than Collin Klein. Klein literally came out of nowhere and Manti has always been there. The problem is that it is hard to compare defensive stats to offensive stats. As many QBs that have won the heisman, a god amount of them choke in Pros. Defensive Heisman winners are way more promising for the future

  15. brendon henderson

    OU chokes too much and I agree, but they don’t choke much on their home field. If you really think about it ND would probably be the same as it was this year than it was? last year without all those interceptions. In reality Notre Dame is one of the best teams on paper. Its just in this last decade with horrible coaching staffs we havent lived up to that reputation. This year we are. The ND front 7 has been dominating every game thus far this year

  16. brendon henderson

    Its a fact. there is almost a holding on every play. Its the most effective way to protect your quarterback and thats the main concern for an Olineman. An Olineman’s main priority is to protect their man. And from what I saw OU didn’t beat themselves. That was a deserved ND win, and their defense held you only to 13 points. And Im pretty sure OU doesnt beat themselves in their home? field. so what one call wasn’t called. There were plenty calls against ND that wasnt called

  17. fullon520

    The ball clearly touches the ground at 24-25 seconds, no INT. It was obvious from the far end of the stadium that pass interference happened on the play. Tough break for the Sooners, every true fan? hates it when refs influence a game to any degree.

  18. Sam18908

    I know its bs. I don’t know what? the refs saw on this play.

  19. BigTimeStein1

    I agree. I’m not playing the ref card. But Te’o definitely got the benefit of the doubt because not only is? he a great player, but the media loves him, and it only increases his chances of winning the Heisman. As of right now, its him and Collin Klein’s race.

  20. BigTimeStein1

    It wasn’t tipped. It hit off our receivers chest and fluttered into the air because Fox was draped all over Saunders. Should have been pass interference. If it had been tipped at the line of scrimmage? then you would have a case.

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