25 thoughts on “Manti Te’o Online Dating Scam :: Atlanta 11Alive News :: NineGPS

  1. suzuki4146

    I really feel? bad for Manti he deserves way better that this. Keep your head? up brother..

  2. psygame1

    Just admit ur mistake man.? Ull have my respect? if u do.

  3. rull mate bin

    something is awry..may be as bad? as armstrong. sadly,

  4. mean hai cuok

    And this is not a government hoax
    …..just a campus internet hoax??

  5. Derk amn binrock

    Manti should create his own cereal and call it “Te’os”.? Sounds like it would be pretty good, until you go to pour some into the bowl and? you realize there never was any cereal in there.

  6. monubi talkyo

    Lol i know? people like this pathological? liars

  7. trongnbg aedd

    Manti Te’o’s quite ‘the catch’ it? seems.

  8. nhu bo ngu

    Hmm.. thinking of clever joke about Manti Te’o… but I can’t think so? I’ll call my fake girlfriend and ask her? for tips.

  9. Ho cong thu

    Manti fell asleep on the phone talking to this so call gf for? 3 years…hmmmm smells? fishy this story…lmao..i guess his sense wasn’t so common after all…lol

  10. marke creen

    This is? exactly why niggers don’t? belong in america

  11. Beutyfulbibt miGirl

    is it possible for ronaiah or anyone else to be charged criminally for this???

  12. Missbion Youbi

    ha hahaha? HAHAA BAHAHAHAHAHA!! OMG I didn’t know about this , thanks so much man

  13. bibo Cupboy

    I’m still trying to figure out why? the hell this incident is news worthy? Who gives a flying? frying pan about some bs fakebook relationship.

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