Manti Te’o Releases Voicemails from fake girlfriend “Lennay Kekua” (official audio)

Manti Te’o has released 3 voicemails he claims he received from “Lennay Kekua” during the hoax — in which Lennay comes off as a very jealous … and very emotional person. The first VM was supposedly left on Manti’s phone right before she began her first round of chemotherapy for the fake cancer. During the call, Lennay says, “Just wanted to call you and keep you posted … I miss you, I love you … bye.”

25 thoughts on “Manti Te’o Releases Voicemails from fake girlfriend “Lennay Kekua” (official audio)

  1. The313william

    Okay i think is a dude trying? to make a good guy look gay

  2. longstockinify

    This is too funny LMAO I can’t wait for the full? interview with Dr. Phil

  3. 12quillemall5321

    Sound like just another sport nuts in? love with a tight ass. Tell the truth. Guys who are sport nuts are repressed groupies looking for love.

  4. mzrockstar2u

    Yeah u dont hear at anytime the crap he said to her. He’s pathetic. That’s a real chics voice. Not a dude. Those? were imho real emotions from her. This whole things is FKD Up.

  5. mzrockstar2u

    He is ugly. Eww. I wouldnt date any ugly dude? like him.

  6. coconut22ish

    I’m a damn proud PACIFIC ISLANDER, and to see one of? our own did something like this to Teo, he must be either a fucken MAHU or he just too HAOLEEFIED.

  7. blackanimelover18

    I want to hear what Ronaiah sounds like in real life, if this was him then he must have a somewhat girly voice in the first place. And what kind of real? man makes a call like this without laughing? Ronaiah must be a little sweet on T’eo and he was using this to live out his fantasies. Some people are really crazy.

  8. S2h624

    Listen closely to the first? bue on the voicemail if that didny sound loke like fag then bears don shit in the woods. Cmon UFA u r gay just admit it

  9. mcshan38

    This wasn’t a hoax, it was a gay man with a? crush on an athlete.

  10. dontranail

    Wow this ish is crazy im sorry but it did sound like that guy who was pretending to be a girl had sum emotional attachment going on I? think he was falling for manti to go that far its really pathethic

  11. longstockinify

    I think ronaiah have feelings? for manti in a sexual way

  12. jeremiah817tx

    If he gets sued he can always work for a phone sex hotline?

  13. nomadprophet11

    lmao wtf. All this for a heisman? trophy that he didnt get??! Shameful.

  14. JD Hall

    Voice accent and cadence is? regional to Hawaii, most likely O’ahu.

  15. StoneBTH

    Wow. Truth about Roni (ah),? is he’s a sweet little girl…


    Yeah, that’s clearly some other chick.
    Lies on top? of lies. Kinda pathetic.

  17. Scrap3001

    Ain’t no way in the hell that’s a dude… If it is he is gay and really had? feelings for Te’o… Real men can’t just make calls like that without laughing… I think they both are gay!!!!

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