25 thoughts on “Manti Te’o Sits Down With Katie Couric

  1. Fore Saken

    what did we learn? about Manti?


  2. emersonleon85

    The worst thing that could happen to this kid? now is if he gets drafted by the raiders :/

  3. Jadin Chatterton

    really dude thats all you have to say i mean seriously thats fucking sad man worrying about yourself and saying that he would? make the broncos the best defensive team so i hope he doesnt go there it’d be a waste in your eyes

  4. myosick

    That literally makes the least amount of sense of anything I’ve? ever read.

  5. apope06

    i think this is full proof that when you believe in a virgin birth and a heaven with 42 virgins-you’re naturally pretty gullbile and lacking in intellectual curiosity. what is the lesson here? i think the lesson is we still leave in a society that treats homosexuals as second class citizens. So much so-that a gay man has to pretend that he is a woman just to gain the affection of another christian he’s interested in. This religious man couldnt reconsile being a man & christian & became? a chic.

  6. TheVante76

    The face of a college football team and an preseason all american,? how can you not get a girlfriend at Norte Dame? He has to be gay.

  7. BuddieBiker


  8. donmeccca321

    But never skyped or face timed..do you media guys think we are that dumb? He’s lying and against NFL caliber running backs and lineman as seen in the Alabama game he is? mediocre at best

  9. llatimer2

    He probably next reveal he? is a closer homo sexual at a Catholic University. The whole thing was made up as a coverup

  10. llatimer2

    He has been revealed to be only a mediocre defensive player and? now he is a delusional liar


    What’s bad for Manti is that he let deadspin.com beat him to the punch. He should have came? out when he first heard it was a hoax.

  12. JUANO510

    Lmao which? means he is a liar! What about the voicemails though? Mmmmmm

  13. TheAstrius

    he should go to the Jets, or put him on the same team with Tebow,? what a circus that would be.

  14. Stephen Etter

    I love Katie Couric. I definately want to watch this tomorrow. I want to know tuiososopo’s? motive for doing this. God bless Manti Teo and his family.

  15. 4Micstromme

    I just love how Sawyer referred to Couric as an “ABC News Anchor”. I? love Katie at ABC NEWS.

  16. KhmerD0g

    he? is a 300 pounds of monkey crap
    his brain is his ass

  17. RamenReturns

    I just hope he doesn’t end? up on the Broncos, I’ll have to hear about this shit forever.

  18. saifulisfree

    Katie Couric is a fucking dumb bitch paid? for nothing worthless fuck head

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