Manti Te’o : The Heart of Notre Dame


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25 thoughts on “Manti Te’o : The Heart of Notre Dame

  1. MostHatedHowsYourMom

    I bet Speilman finds a way to make this kid happen? for us

  2. 808ambitions

    808 state represent!!! can’t wait to see? where he goes this years draft! awesome vids man mahalos from HI

  3. hambone694

    Can you please, please, please, please, please, make a highlight? video of LANDRY JONES of OU!?!?!!! He’s one of my favorite players and I would really appreciate it!,

  4. AnnShawn1

    Nice highlights. How about Alec Ogletree from Georgia. Maybe a? better LB.

  5. Tripp Joffrion

    This dude is way? too overrated , he’s not even that good, compare him to jades eon

  6. Sldkid

    Man how are you not getting paid by the NFL? to do these videos for them yet! you have a mad talent dude and its worthy of a job at nfl films. also could you pretty please do a stevie brown highlights vid from the giants this year. straight up baller!

  7. silverblade43

    uh not tryin to down the party, but its more because he is just a great player. not his? race. lol

  8. silverblade43

    please be open to the idea of doing a vid of TJ? Yeldon. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. TheVikingsworld2011

    Hum… As far as I know, the season? is not over yet?

  10. jokerzxc1

    Can? u plz do kickoff and punt returns of 2012-2013 season

  11. RAMBOkills187

    Hey some? dude is stealing your vids his name is cruel humour Tv

  12. apatheismoveratheism

    you havent seen many highlights of him then
    watch the video titled manti the terminator teo
    just destroys some people going for the head too like a true middle linebacker should be not? this “low and clean shit”

  13. Bumsi41

    Could you please make a highlight vid? of Bjรถrn Werner. Me and all your other german followers would really appreciate this.

  14. jokerzxc1

    Are u going to make? kick/punt returns of 2012-13 season

  15. TrinityGamingHub

    the bears need? him so he can replace urlacher

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