Manti Te’o: The Ultimate Catfish

Manti Te’o gets caught slippin’ in a story about his girlfriend. Subscribe! After news conferences, multiple interviews, and tweets directed at or about his girlfriend, a story on exposes Notre Dame Linebacker for creating a story (or being duped) about her death, or very existence. In this very special episode of BRKDWN, Jon and Cynthia recall Jon’s similar experience. Sources: Follow Cynthia: @CynthiaLuciette Follow Jon: @JonScarlett Follow us on Twitter: @BRK_DWN Like us on Facebook:

16 thoughts on “Manti Te’o: The Ultimate Catfish

  1. SkullyICe

    True Christian americans hate it when people say “It’s just? a flag for the south.” Like we haven’t read The First Epistle of John in The New Testament. The silly bitches. They’re not talking about the people who were against the kidnapping, starvation, torture, rape, and killing of African children. The sick, devil folks who are so proud of it need to have it happen to them and their families so they can get a much better idea of it! Silly bitches.

  2. SkullyICe

    The confederate flag was put on the wall as a joke for sure. It is antichristian, satanic, devil’s flag like the nazi flag. Faggots wave it because they are from psychotic, devil bloodlines. How did you think there are still people that are pissed “they,” or “the south” lost the civil war. They were’nt born yet, and they wouldn’t want to be on those battle fields getting they’re asses ripped apart by true warriors. Some lie? and say “It’s just a flag for the south.”

  3. bkels321

    You guys are so talented, I? share ur videos with my girlfriend in Japan, (yeah she’s real sushi). We wanna know are you guys college students? Great talent all around.

  4. KscopeNetwork

    Yassir’s just reppin for his hometown of Marietta, GA. The Flag was also only? two dollars on Amazon and has Obama on it so he’s stuntin real hard in the office now.

  5. KscopeNetwork

    It’s an Obama confederate flag if? you can see the whole thing. And Yassir loves the Dukes of Hazzard.

  6. KscopeNetwork

    Yassir is black and from the south! And it’s also an Obama Confederate Flag so it? cancels itself out.

  7. 20GRED

    Super funny manti te’o fake girlfriend..I find that Hoax to be funniest Scam ever..Yeah? I notice the confederate flag too…. Beside that great video

  8. AtifontheBeat

    TWO T’S!!! lol leave that man? and his “girlfriend” alone.

  9. ElloSkrilla

    Damn! I almost got caught up with the skit. Y’all? Cool As Heck! Can’t Get Enough of Y’all.

  10. ElloSkrilla


  11. nicholahills

    Luv the show but 2tt’s u really? need to iron your t shirts lol

  12. omgiluv360

    Why does? that dude have a confederate flag on his wall lol

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