Manti Te’o vs. Miami (2012)


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24 thoughts on “Manti Te’o vs. Miami (2012)

  1. KN1992

    @Katzions thumbs up? to you sir, watch out for canes offense next year, will be one of the best out there with morris

  2. KN1992

    i want this game back. miami woulda won had dorsett? not drop 3 straight passes.

  3. d4liife

    LIAR and DRUG CHEAT (hgh, steroids,insulin)NOTRE SHAME
    The “school” stands behind the Lies of Teo but refuses to investigate the rape of Lizzy Seeburg and another woman, by one of its football? players…I know linebackers bring more money to the school than rape victims……Im? sure Jesus understands

  4. NYGiantCentral

    Physical guy but worried about his athleticism and speed.? I see rey maulaluga in this guy than say a bowman


    Ryan clark hits harder than goldson. He has,videos to prove it. Ryan clark and bernard pollard hit harder silly 49er fan.?

  6. fountainofyouth5

    I’ll give you Fletcher and Brady. You didn’t mention them the first time. Nobody said Goldson doesn’t hit hard (some say dirty), I said he won’t be remembered as a great player.? Bowman is a maybe at this point. He’s had a couple big years, but that hardly makes a ‘great’ career. We’ll see. But my original point still stands- Teo is overrated, that was all I was aiming to say.

  7. ToNGanStuNNa650

    wtf you’re stupid Navorrow Bowman is a BEAST! Dashon Goldson is the hardest hitting safety in the league! LOL!!! London Fletcher went undrafted in the 1998 draft. Tom Brady got drafted in the 6th round pick 199 for Christs sake!?

  8. fountainofyouth5

    Exactly. He’s a middle of the pack talent that has been blown up waaay too much by the media. Of? those guys you named, Suggs is the only one that turned out to be a great NFL player.

  9. ToNGanStuNNa650

    Terell Suggs ran a 4.65 40 time at his combine, Sean Lee 4.72 40 time, Navorrow Bowman 4.7 40 time. Navorrow Bowman was drafted 3rd round pick 91; Dashon Goldson was drafted 4th round pick 126. I say all that to say this: Manti Te’os success in the league will all depend on how far? hes determined to push himself. @ 6’2 255lbs, he has all the physical talents to do it and I think he will.

  10. UFCallDAway

    U think hes good watch Kevin Minter, as a Steelers fan I LOVED? mock drafts that had Teo falling to us, until i saw Minter’s tape id much rather have him

  11. thelistmaker7000

    Ray Lewis overrated? You’ve? got to be kidding me..

  12. fountainofyouth5

    You mean? he’s going to murder someone, get away with it, then spend the next 10 – 12 years being massively overrated?

  13. fountainofyouth5

    Average speed at best. Below NFL standards in coverage. Biggest thing going for him is the uniform he wears. ND’ers always get more media love than? they deserve. Nobody plays defense like boys in the South.

  14. Jesse Ouellette

    I think he will be an? excellent linebacker at the next level. Not a top 5 LB, but certainly worth a top 20 selection.

  15. matty wayne

    2012 National Champion? 2012 Heisman Trophy #HEISMANTI The Hawaiin Hitman, Manti Te’o!

  16. Thomas Williams

    Those saying ‘nothing special’, etc must not be able to count. ? In those plays shown, I counted 4 solo tackles, 4 assisted tackles where he was the 1st there, 1 forced incompletion and 1 tip which prevented a reception. He was a primary factor in close to 60% of plays on defense. Incredible…

  17. truthspittaTM

    Is this a fucking joke. Hes average at best and you all are brainwashed into thinking hes a heisman? candidate. Good Luck to who? ever takes the bait and drafts this kid.

  18. Time2Laugh4Now

    Did NOT win the award that listed the BEST defensive player in college? football. Te’o did.

  19. Katzions

    Sweet vid, this Stephen Morris has the potential to be a special QB. Wait, what? You say this is a Manti Teo highlight? video? You mean the guy who tipped a couple passes but was on the ground a lot and didn’t have the speed to keep players from taking the edge on him. Hmm…weird.

  20. George Hoffman

    It still blows my mind that Manti Te’o? openly admitted to homosexual relations with other? players just recently.

  21. Augusto de Arruda Botelho

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