23 thoughts on “Manti Te’o Will Still Be a 1st Round Pick … Says Ex-NFL Star

  1. differentandalike

    I dont really follow college? football even i am a big fan of the nfl and nba. I kind of heard about it on tv but i was not really listening. Who cares? He made it to the nfl. As dave chappelle said – i am rich bitch

  2. Adam Moreira

    Top 15?!?!?!?! I’ve been hearing “end of the? 1st round” at best, and most likely, I see Te’o taken early in the 2nd round.

  3. dill doe

    if he? was a white guy the opinion would of been different

  4. ALBYx55

    this guy is a dumbass (the one asking the question) a team dont give a fuck if you? murdered someone they still gon draft you its about the sport not the person thats why i thaught the tiger woods scandal was dumb

  5. NMdesertracer

    I said tired of hearing about it on TV. This is youtube on the internet.? i enjoy TMZ!!

  6. 20CentPat

    No disrespect but you are on TMZ’s YouTube page! This is what TMZ banks off of this type of stuff. So if you could really “careless” I would suggest stop watching TMZ.?

  7. NMdesertracer

    Im tired of? hearing about Manti & Lance on TV. I Really could careless.

  8. Kevin Chavez

    Well he is right because manti te’o plays great? football

  9. rapa329

    Why does TMZ cover sports, they don’t know shit about sports. Manti will easily be? a top 15 pick, could even be top 10.

  10. VillainNews

    mike williams was never an NFL Star, trust me i’m a lions fan.?

  11. OTKP

    So he has an invisible Girlfriend…Who Gives A FUCK! lol

    He is still a beast on that football field!? All Great NFL Defensive Players Are A Little Crazy!

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