Manti Te’o’s fake girlfriend; self perpetuated hoax? or epic catfish?

Apparently the heartfelt story of Manti Te’o’s “girlfriends” death was an elaborate hoax for attention or epic level catfishing. I share my views and feedback on the story. Like my video Comment Subscribe Follow me on Twitter Thanks to the folks at for posting and sharing my video.

10 thoughts on “Manti Te’o’s fake girlfriend; self perpetuated hoax? or epic catfish?

  1. kwelityhiphop

    Thanks! Glad you enjoyed? appreciate the feedback.

  2. AmoleyDaMole

    Good job. You nailed it. Teo is lying like a fool and no one with any logic can believe? his alibis.

  3. kwelityhiphop

    Seriously I just don’t see the need to do this unless you are hiding some sort of lifestyle. I guess my biggest thing is whatever you choose to do? in life be above board about it. Whether it’s socially acceptable or taboo I have way more respect for people who take pride in who they are and live “out” then people in denial or doing things in secret. It’s eye opening that a star athlete needs to construct a lie like this.

  4. Michael Deth

    Good sound reasoning. I agree with you on? this!

  5. kwelityhiphop

    I can’t even begin to? explain that…everytime I see stories like this in the digital era where you can skype from your phone, tablet, and most laptops have built in cams it blows my mind.

  6. kwelityhiphop

    I’m saying if I love someone I at least would want a funeral? program or some memento from her funeral. The timing is extremely suspect especially waiting until he is for all intents and purpose no longer affiliated with Notre Dame and the storyline is no longer profitable.

  7. medit84truth

    “A DVD from the funeral” LOL
    How did? journalists not catch this?? It just seems too convenient that the story didn’t break until after the National Championship game.

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