Manti Te’o’s Forever Touching Speech


Michigan Game Pep Rally


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3 thoughts on “Manti Te’o’s Forever Touching Speech

  1. mgrealdeals

    How many media cocks does the ND staff have to suck to present this bunch of convoluted “facts” as something even close to the truth?The priests must b working overtime.cause the media is buying it,Then again “the Media is a JOKE…that couldn’t/wouldn’t tell the difference between a dead girlfriend and a live one. Swarbick? has NO shame..Embarrassing
    mant teo another PED using, lying , delusional, spoiled, self absorbed narcissist “athlete” claiming? to be a victim ala Marion Jones and Lance.

  2. RedEyedCoyote00

    His girlfriend would have? been so proud……. Too soon??

  3. picksixtodahouse

    That mormon boy single handily put that catholic school back on the map!! Put that irish? in that number one spot!!!

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