25 thoughts on “Manti Te’o’s Girlfriend: Notre Dame Football Star and the Alleged Hoax

  1. pipinocho1

    La crueldad y estupidez de todos los dias contaminando el mundo -The cruelty and stupidity of? everyday polluting the world

  2. jaykerouac2

    Stop trying to think…..go back to? watching the WWE bullshit and playing your video games, llittle boy.

  3. recalcitrist1

    Only a dumb-ass would believe that Teo is totally truthful after all the lies and confusing statements, coming mostly from your hero.
    Considering everything to this point, a more likely scenerio would be that he didn’t start the hoax but at some point he realized he was being played and decided to go along with it, even lying? to his father about meeting her.
    Re the powers-that-be…a quote from Hamlet:
    “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamed of in your philosophy.”

  4. klopwas



    He wasn’t delusional. My dude? heard respirators and shit. Get yo ass out


    Do you really think Te’o would plan this “death hoax” on the same day his grandmother dies? You probably think the illuminati is real too because that is the only way that someone can actually think that Te’o would use a death for promotional purposes. And if he did do all this for a Trophy, you think he would have lost to some? freshman?! Psh.. get yo ass out

  7. lookinforsexymen2008

    i hope this son bitch falls so far off the draft board that not even arena? football or the canadian football league would want to sign him, lol, lmao!!!!!!!!

  8. TheD1rtyDan

    Nice grammar, you obviously know nothing and should at least get their education. That’s one thing? that’s not a hoax about manti

  9. Miguel Sanchez

    this has to be the dumbass college student in history?

  10. hunab3425

    Teo? is a stupid samoan. Junior seau was a wife beating asshole.

  11. Mirren81

    pathetic? ugly jock Teo is, lying about gf so he could increase his chances of winning the heisman, i swear all these kids are the same thesedays… they will go to absolutely any level to garner all the attention and publicity on themselves

  12. logansGT

    He not only didn’t go to her ‘funeral’ but he didn’t visit? her in the hospital or visit her grave.
    He also lied to his father that he had met her. He may not have started the whole thing, but when he did figure it out, he continued the hoax in hopes of being a more sympathetic candidate for the Heisman and other reasons.

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  14. milton123

    his grandmother also died that same day? and he didn’t go home, so that argument holds no ground

  15. Goldenchild795

    Who the? hell really cares anyway?. What difference does it make.?. I think there are more important things in this world to worry about then some college football player who is suffering from delusions

  16. Man Chu

    What a LOSER. He’s so caught up in? his lies, he’s become DELUSIONAL…. He’s created an imagery dead girlfriend…. What a LOSER…. he claimed to be a having an internet relationship.

  17. unbiasedtruthseeker1

    can’t tell who is more of? a douchebag. Te’o or his cousin Ronaiah Tuiasosopo.

  18. recalcitrist1

    Manti Teo is an unconscionable douchebag. If it wasn’t a hoax, why didn’t he visit? his ‘girlfriend’ in the hospital, go to her funeral or visit her grave?

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