How many #dates you should go on before #having #sex – and other #unbreakable #dating rules


Splitting the bill, not friend requesting your potential partner too quickly – and not stalking them online after meeting up have emerged among the new rules of dating , according to research.

Experts also found the fundamental rules of modern courting include a first kiss by date three with things progressing to a more physical level by the fifth night out.

Social media friend requests were deemed acceptable – but only after eight days of messaging via other means.

The study also revealed two in five agree a quick text response is a sign a new love interest is too keen; with the rule of thumb being a three-hour window between messages.

The research was commissioned by MTV to celebrate the launch of their new dating show, Single AF.

Dating expert Annabelle Knight said, “More people are turning to love online, which means the rules of dating seem to be more complicated than ever.”

“It’s no longer about flowers and first kisses but direct messages, profile pictures and social media ‘stalking’.

”Singles in search for ‘The One’ are using all sorts of new tactics to bag the perfect partner.”

The study of 2,000 adults aged 16-34 revealed four out of five agree more people meet via dating apps and social media than they do offline.

Facebook is the most popular method, making more than twice as many love connections as Tinder .

After ten days of fancying someone you spy on social media, it’s then acceptable to ‘slide into their DM’s’.

Following seven days of online chat, it’s usual to exchange phone numbers and arrange that all-important first date.

However, before the inaugural meet a quick Google search is appropriate, with one third of Brits having been on a date with someone who looked nothing like their social media profile

And just under one in five admit to walking out just a few minutes into a date for this reason.

The study, conducted via , found one third prefer to use social media because they can ‘scope them out’ before meeting up.

And one in five think they have more of a chance of dating a celebrity because of the likes of Facebook and Twitter.

Online romance isn’t just about creating sparks though, with 27 per cent being put off a potential date after reading their social media posts, and even more dates have been dumped for chatting about exes.

Just under three in ten are apprehensive of online dating because they don’t know what their potential love interest will sound like and rightly so, as one sixth of daters have been dumped because their voice was ‘too annoying’.

It’s not all doom and gloom online though, once love flourishes, posting pictures of you and your new admirer is acceptable after nine dates.

And following 27 days of dating you’re allowed to update your status to ‘in a relationship’.

The modern rules of dating

Avoid smelly food beforehand and don’t order anything too pungent
Don’t talk about exes
Don’t have your phone out on the table / bar when you’re on a date
Move on if they send you pictures of their genitalia
Expect to split the bill
Dress up on the first date
Limit your ‘stalking’ on social media
ONLY kiss on the first date, nothing more
Never reveal personal detail too early on
Give compliments on the first date
Never wear clothes that show sweat patches
Have a ‘Plan B’ arrangement for a friend to call you and be able to escape
Check your date out on social media – but don’t add them
Never wear clothes that are too revealing
Drink at a similar rate to your date
Leave it 24 hours after the first date to send a follow-up message
Always meet in a bar that is filled with people to avoid awkward silence
Avoid messy food like burgers or pizzas