Marcy Lynn Walker


Marcy Lynn Walker cheated with my husband, not only that she made fake email accounts and online accounts to talk to him in a sexual manner and exchange sexual content. She has constantly and consistently interfered with my marriage for 6 years . This woman inticed my husband to come to her family home where she lives with her parents and husband . The entire family was aware that my husband was married and they enabled him to cheat on his wife. They are low life discusting people. They have no morals at all. Im sure my husband was telling them lies but they should honor the sanctity of marriage and stay out of it especially since I told Marcy directly to get out of my marriage. She continued to interfere even after I told her numerous times not to be involved. She is a bully and thinks she does no wrong; she thinks she is above the law. She thinks she is superior and she is nothing more than a hillbilly hood tramp.

This woman needs to be watched as well ; she is a huge narcissist and is extreemly pregidous. She will smile to your face and talk nasty behind your back stirring up trouble for you . She is the epitomy of a whore.

She had my husband to her family home in her barn alone with him, in her bedroom and went places with him that a married man should not be with her alone. She is a total tramp. Her husband is stupid if he stays with her believing that she has been faithful. One thing is for certain, she has never been faithful to him. She disgraces her father and his memory. He is rolling over in his grave. She coerced my husband into buying her numerous gifts that he should have been spending the money on his wife instead. She is a total basket case.

She was contacted by our attorney by certified mail as well as the police in my local town and told to stop stalking us ; she called our attorney and screamed at her. Our attorney told me she had a mental problem. I can believe that . She is mental to continue to have an affair with a married man. She also knew that I was helping my husband and his parents with green careds. She knew it was dangerous to do this as I could change my mind and no longer help them because of the infidelity. I was used by my husband and his parents for green cards.

Women beware, this woman will stop at nothing to tear your relationship apart for her own gain be it gifts, playing sexually, or just simple cruel amusement.

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