Marlove79: “Am looking for my soulmate”



Vital Statistics:


Seeking:Long-term dating

Location:Ottawa, ON

Age:35 to 39





Appearance:Plain looking

Height:5ft 6in to 5ft 8in

Hair:Black hair


Have Children:No children

Tobacco Usage:Never

Drugs Usage:Never

Education:Some college

Astrological Sign:Virgo (Aug 23-Sept 22)

Body Shape:Athletic

Weight:160 to 174

Eyes:Brown eyes


Want Children:Yes, I want children

Alcohol Usage:Never





Reading Choice:Novel

Movie Choice:Comedy

Music Choice:JAZZ

Email Address:    Caution SCAMMER: Do Not Contact

Biography:I want to feel special again and attractive because I am. I like a good conversation I like traveling learning about new cultures meeting new people I speak foreign languages and love dipping into other worlds I work in a management level job I enjoy good food and good company I love reading do some writing but would love to do more of that I love hikes and long walks and trips to the theatre and enjoy yoga. My Appearance, I am looking for some discrete friendship and hopefully more. I want someone I can feel a good connection with mentally and obviously there must be a strong physical attraction. I am not looking for a series of one-night stands with different guys, rather for someone special who I could look forward to chatting to, and sharing thoughts and bits of my life with, and who I could meet from time to time.