Married army major ‘suspended after uploading explicit picture of himself in uniform to gay dating app Grindr’


An Army major has been suspended after ‘uploading an explicit photo of himself’ in uniform to an online dating app.
Major Alex Hamilton, who serves as a reservist in the Royal Logistics Corp, was accused of ‘bringing the Army into disrepute’ after posting a photo where he ‘exposed himself’ on dating service Grindr, which is geared towards gay and bisexual men.
It is understood the photo was seen by another member in his squadron who then ‘threatened to share it’ unless the major ‘did him favours’.

According to The Sun, married Major Hamilton reported the private to the military police and accused him of blackmail.
It is understood the military police have made an arrest over the incident, but Major Hamilton was himself suspended over the incident.

A source told the paper the photo was taken to make it look like the major was ‘on parade’ except that he ‘had his trousers down and is obviously very excited’.
The source said: ‘Had he conducted himself in this way in his own time no one would have blinked an eye. But he has ignored instructions given to forces and posed for the snap in his uniform, and, very clearly, in barracks.
‘He holds a senior position and is recently married. Every sympathy goes to his wife and family. The young private callously hoped to use the pic to his advantage. Imagine if this had been a foreign spy trying to use it to access state secrets.’

Major Hamilton, originally from Northampton but now living in London, according to social media, married wife Nicky, 37, in a ceremony at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in Berkshire last year.
The soldier wore full military uniform during the ceremony and has uploaded several pictures from the day on social media.
It is understood he has been in charge of his squadron at his base in Surrey since 2014 while also working as an engineer for Network Rail.
The Ministry of Defence declined to comment on the incident when contacted by the MailOnline.



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