Married at First sight season 3 renewed or cancelled? no word from US network as Australian version renewed for another season


Rumors have it that since FYI and sister network A&E have no updates on season three of their experimental reality TV show, “Married at First Sight,” it may mean that it isn’t going to see the light of day.

In comparison to season one where two of out three pairs are still married six months after they all said “I Do’s,” season two met a lot of criticism when all three couples ended up divorcing, with one person filing for a restraining order against her partner.

Executive producer Sam Dean told Entertainment Tonight previously that, “The producers are not choosing the matches. Matches are being chosen by our four experts. This involves very extensive background check, ex-criminal record checks, clinical psychologist Dr. Joseph Sloane collects a lot of data from several different psychological tests. Tests that examine all aspects of someone’s personality. These are really, really, all sophisticated assessment. So they are traditionally used by organizations such as the FBI or the CIA. This isn’t just a gimmick. This is an experiment that we’ve proven now works.”

The report added that the idea started in Denmark with a good marriage success rate, however, the United Kingdom version reportedly has not been so effective and people dropped out of the weddings in season two.

Moreover, Master Herald reports that the Australian counterpart of the show has been renewed for another season despite only having one couple staying in the newfound relationship.

According to executive producer Chris Coelen, season three of the US version saw 20,000 applicants vying to be part of the series.  However, some reports claim that there may not be another one since the official website for casting calls has been closed and the Facebook page of the show only gives an announcement for “Married Life” and “Seven Year Switch.”

When asked by users when the new season starts, the reply on the page stated, “We don’t have any updates about a new season just yet, but we’ll keep you posted! Catch up on #MarriedAtFirstSight while you wait.”



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