How Getting Married Young Can Increase The Odds Of Divorce

The D word.

 No, not “drama” – though there’s never a shortage of that with the young ladies on “Teen Mom 2.” This week, we’re talking about divorce. Jeremy isn’t kidding about officially ending his marriage toLeah, and Javi’s sister fears all his fighting with Kailyn could cause a divorce too.

Divorce, like marriage, is serious business — legally, emotionally, and especially when kids are involved. And divorce rate statistics have revealed something interesting.

You know how you always hear that half of marriages end in divorce? That’s not exactly true. Experts say the divorce rate has been dropping since the early 1980s, but people who get married young are more likely than others to split up — divorce rates are 60% for couples who get married before age 25. Interestingly, as divorce rates overall have been dropping, the average age of first marriage has been increasing.

Divorce rates are also higher among people who didn’t graduate from college, and for those who have children before marriage — especially children they didn’t plan.

Regardless, each relationship is different, and every marriage has its own challenges and its own strengths. Stats don’t determine destiny, even if they do highlight overall trends. Kail and Javi, for example, seem committed to their family and determined to fight for their marriage. We hope for their sake, and for Isaac and Lincoln, that they work it out.

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