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The mask became a attribute of choice. Photo:

In the world of online Dating because of the coronavirus pandemic of a new trend. Attitude to the wearing of masks is now able to deprive a person Dating with the partner of the dreams.

It turned out that people who are accustomed to wear a mask to protect themselves and others, not particularly interested in having to meet opponents of this rule, according to the British Metro.

As reported by the popular Dating app Tinder reports that it’s a medical product, regardless of the user or against, was the subject of conversations of DataRow, appearing in the biographies of April. Some key examples include the mention of “lines of tan in the face” and holding boundaries – “if you’re wearing a mask while Jogging, we are incompatible.”

The Dating app believe that the habit of wearing a mask could become “the final test of the compatibility of 2020.”

As the newspaper notes, the mask in some way has become the Prime symbol of who we are and how we see the world. If you wear it in public places, it can indicate that you are careful, care about others, follow the rules and unable to sacrifice individual desires.

At the same time, revealing ignore protective equipment may hint at a lack of authority, a passion for conspiracy theories and the like.

LeMonade wrote earlier that the video of Madonna talking about Covid-19 and the conspiracy theory came under censorship in Instagram.

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