18 thoughts on “Massage Parlor Boom Raises Concerns of Illicit Activity

  1. dachicagoan

    meanwhile, real crime is happening across the street.

    I just don’t get how these parlors can operate without permits.?

  2. Todd Mastrianna

    its time to legalize, regulate and tax prostitution. then EVERYBODY would
    win. ?

  3. Raven Venus

    2:54 I woulda WHIPPED that white bitch’s ass, fucking with me! See, she
    carrying that “Stop Human Trafficking” sign. See, with these white womyn,
    this shit ain’t got nothing to do with human trafficking. It’s about
    JEALOUSY of some lil brown and or yellow or black girl stealing her WHITE
    MEN!! See, going back to the days of slavery, the white womyn has always
    been in competition with womyn of color; even when we were getting RAPED,
    instead, the slavemaster mistress blamed US and not their funky ass men
    (the rapist ass slavemasters) for raping us! That’s what that bitch is all
    about. She wouldn’t fuck with black people; she’d get knocked the fuck out!?

  4. Jesus Faith

    What happened to living in a free country? Why are these ‘concerned’
    citizens trying to take away someones else right? My kids have to walk
    past houses when they get off the school bus…people have sex in their
    houses! Lets make it Illegal for people to engage in sexual activity in
    houses! ?

  5. daniel chung

    If u need to get paid then you don’t believe in what you do.?

  6. Th Mo

    Who cares. Just let them jack the fuckers off and get out the cum.?

  7. grappsg1

    Why isnt anyone arresting Marilyn Rosetti for attempted forced entry? I
    mean, she pushed open that homeowners door@!

  8. MrGianformaggio

    Wow really? Who doesnt want sucky sucky?

  9. John Smokes

    im still wondering why do they care so much…

  10. Broccoli

    I’ve got an idea. Let’s legalize prostitution. That way, when I go to get a
    massage, I know I’m getting a massage, and when I go to get a hand job, I
    know I’m getting a hand job.

  11. dena french

    kiss a ass hole and let people what they damn well please

  12. John Smokes

    they are so annoying for this they are doing all this like its a fucking
    drug cartel why are they so fucking stupid

  13. grappsg1

    The chief is about as gay as they come. This is why he hates the massage
    parlors. Because heterosexual males frequent them, whereas he endorses
    visits to San Francisco’s freak zone.

  14. nubian47

    These places service men that cant get what they want from their wives or
    girlfriends or just cant get women. They can never stop this. There are
    massage parlors for women too and what goes on in parlors for men goes on
    in there too its just women on women.

  15. malthus101

    What a crime! Human sexuality! Fucking pathetic… this is what taxes are
    wasted on.

  16. Born Hunter

    Big deal. Get the gangs and violent criminals off the streets.

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