25 thoughts on “match dot com dating scam


    “A single mother raising 2? children struggeling finacially”….sees a successful business man who’s good looking. Seems to me her own greed contributed to her downfall.

  2. grimsdyke

    Gee..red flag number 1. He said he loved her early on. Flag 2. If he? was a business man and succesful, he would know how to take care of his own finacial situations. Wow..people like this Lady are so damn ignorant. One tip to see if the pic is real, ask them to take a piece of paper write your first intial on it and hold it up with their face also in the photo with the current date on it..if they can’t..fake.

  3. Attila709

    I’ve heard of people meeting up and the person is like 25 years older than they were? saying.

  4. Attila709

    All paid dating sites are fuked up. They block or delete messages from getting to people and you have no way of knowing it.? You think the person is just not interested, but they just never got the message. It takes longer to find someone and you keep renewing your membership. SOB’s!

  5. ZipGB8

    (continued) And she also told me she lost 100 pounds in a year (lol!) and when I met her, it was really like 20 pounds maybe. You got to be kidding me. And I saw her pics in the last 2 years and it didn’t add up. No smart guy would fall for that. She led me to believe she had good morals? and no family issues and all that and when I got to know more about her, things were the complete opposite and it was obvious she was getting me to perceive her a certain way to get me to like her.

  6. ZipGB8

    That POF site is a joke. I have met the flakiest women on there. I recently messaged back and forth with a women on there who had like 4 or 5 pictures of just her face, which you know she was hiding something there. Then she led me to? believe she has really good morals, was clean, dressed really classy, was this nice sweet girl.

  7. MrTheflugaluga

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  8. DieInTheProcess

    its all true bro! but it dosent bother me at? all the way they looking at me! iam what iam.

  9. TourDeFlexTVJC3

    You said it. They look down on? you,and get mad when Mr.Good Looking breaks their Heart. “Booo Whoooo,why?” Why not? Now you know how Mr.Nice Guy who did’nt look like Mr.Good Looking feels.



  11. Intracranial110

    Who in the hell takes money from someone on the internet..?

  12. Jared Trombetta

    Anytime? Nigeria and money is mentioned, it’s a scam.

  13. marge schott

    haha i’m? the real joel walker if you would like to write me.

  14. MissWitchiepoo

    Have no idea of how HUNG a CAMEL is, but since? you seem to know all about that maybe you can tell me:)

  15. U2wild

    Damn, Camel Toe lick’n? Nigerians trying to scam us poor desperate American women !!!

  16. U2wild

    He might have been HUNG like a CAMEL-? you should of give him benefit of doubt!!

  17. Tim Parz

    I? would have tried to cash the money orders at a check cashing place to see if they were real. Then I would have charged a 100% service fee if they were real.

  18. thefallofmaxpayne

    I would think that once you take a money order, and or check to a bank, when you turn them in to the teller, the teller would be able? to tell if they are fake or not, and let the person know.

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